Service Trip to the Dominican Republic

Service Trip to the Dominican Republic

From Hollis Rhone

I want to help Dominicans and Haitian families through community service and by working with sustainable NGO partners like 7 Elements and Timmy Global Health. I am very interested in public health as a career choice.

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I want to be a changemaker

I'm Hollister Rhone and I am a Sophomore at Walter Payton College Prep. I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic on a Global Health Initiative Summer 2016. I am raising money to return to the Dominican Republic in order to collect more experience in global health and establish a better relationship with the community so I can gather more information to implement my own public health project in the future. The trip is during the months of June/July 2017, 3 weeks long, and I will gain 60 hours of community service. 

As I mentioned earlier I will be working with 7 Elements and Timmy Global Health. I very much respect the work they are doing because they are challenging the typical NGO paradigm that good intentions by outsiders can, in some cases, make the problem worse. 7 Elements and Timmy focus on empowering communities through education and local sustainability initiatives to reduce human security issues. Essentially they hope to work themselves out of their jobs.

Requesting donations

I am requesting donations to this campaign as an alternative to birthday and holiday gifts from friends and family. The $3000 USD I hope to raise by May 31st, 2017 will go towards the tuition needed to cover the cost of the trip. 

Create my own sustainable project

Going back to the DR will help me gain experience to create my own sustainable project in the future. I hope to develop an initiative that will address the root causes of some long term problems and approach them in a way that provide long term solutions for the Dominican and Haitian communities. The attitude of looking upstream and downstream of an issue inspires me to pursue a career in global health because simply becoming a medical professional does not address the aspect of aid that includes community partnership and involvement. 

Every donation helps

Your donations will help me further my global health education and help me make a bigger impact on the community. Thank you for supporting me in my efforts to make a difference in the lives of community members in the Dominican Republic! 

Read my essay from my 2016 Trip 

If you are interested in my reading about my previous trip, I wrote an post-service reflection as an assignment for school and you can read it at the link below.


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