Service Dog Funds

Service Dog Funds

From Lucy Goode

I'm raising money for a service dog. I suffer from chronic illnesses that impact me in a daily life. Having a service dog would allow me to live a more full life, making me able to manage my health issues and thrive.

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I know that I don't have any images uploaded, but it's because I'm quite cautious with linking my medical story with my face.

I am a teenager who faces a daily struggle with chronic illnesses making the already tough teenage years tougher. Soon I will be going to college (2020), and having a service dog would be so incredibly beneficial to me, especially being in a unfamiliar environment.

I suffer with many illnesses, but they all impact each other. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis) is a huge factor of my medical diagnoses, and it makes my other symptoms exponentially worse. My levels of TSH and free T4 fluctuate, with my most recent blood test showing 16 times the normal range of levels, even with my medication. It fluctuates from time to time, and the symptoms make every day life harder. I have weak joints, especially my ankles, knees, and wrists, from this, and it gives me tremendous pain daily. 

Along with this, I suffer with mental disorders that have impacted me so much. I have had to drop classes in school to take them online because even thinking about walking into the classroom would start a panic attack. There are days where I'm not sure what is real and what isn't, so having a dog who can go search the room helps me be more confident in myself. I have PTSD, and many times am afraid to enter my own house, so, once again, having a dog to search and accompany me would help so much. Along with these, I constantly get lightheaded, even from things so simple as sitting up in the morning. I injure myself a lot from falling from passing out, so having an alert dog would help. 

Overall this is my story. It might seem complex or over-the-top, but this is the life I'm living. Every penny I would get from this fundraiser would go towards the adoption, training, gear, vet bills, and food for a Labradoodle Service Dog. Every penny counts, and I currently have a job that I am saving every penny from for this purpose too, but I can't cover the expenses myself. Thank you for your time and donations.

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