SEO on Youtube: How to Position Videos Step by Step

SEO on Youtube: How to Position Videos Step by Step

From Sohail Ahmad

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How to position a video on YouTube to gain subscribers and increase visibility, bring visitors to the blog or promote personal branding, is what we are going to see today after applying different techniques that work. Although YouTube is an increasingly competitive channel, positioning a video through this channel at times (depending on the keyword) is easier to position than if you write an article.

If you use SEO, you should know that SEO on YouTube is very important and that a video is positioned more or less quickly depends on this web positioning technique.

For SEO on YouTube you need to do Several Tasks:

  • Include keywords in the fields offered by this platform

  • Your channel (as I know if it were a text) has to be careful.

  • Every video you upload has to comply with YouTube guidelines in the best possible way for the video to appear in the top positions of Google.

  • You need external signals that show Google that your video has interaction and that the user likes to climb the ranking.

Google needs a lot of signals, every little data you give will help positioning, so your YouTube channel has to be well structured and orderly.

YouTube Positioning: Basic Principle

Trick to position fast on YouTube? No, you know that the tricks are bread for today, hunger for tomorrow. If you do things right, Google and YouTube will position you. Do your homework well and Google will take note and reward you.

We are going to see how to apply SEO on YouTube to position your videos in an effective and lasting way. If your channel is well structured and your videos have a good sound, the growth and positioning of your videos will be better and faster.

Usability commands, always think about what the user needs, meeting their needs will be the first step for a video to work, have a large number of visits, shares and minutes of viewing. The next factor and SEO technique, will be to give a push to position your videos and for this you have to apply an effective SEO.

You will see step by step how to position a video on YouTube and why it is so important that your channel is well optimized.

Tags or Tags

Unlike the importance of tags in WordPress, on YouTube tags are important, they are used to display related videos on the right side of the Desktop and are essential to position a video on YouTube

The tags or tags in addition to helping to position your video on YouTube, will also make it appear in the section of related videos in the sidebar thus increasing the chances of being seen.

YouTube has long disabled the possibility of publicly viewing the tags of third-party videos to avoid bad practices, but this is not a problem since you can see through code inspecting the html elements with the right mouse button of the tags you use A video of the competition.

You just have to copy them in the tags field of your video, by doing so you will see how the SEO score that shows the extension increases. Also include as tags some of the keywords you have obtained after conducting the keyword research.

How to do SEO on YouTube by Using Keywords

A keyword study will be the first step you have to take to make video positioning faster. The first thing to do is see what keywords or keywords are used by the YouTube user on Google. Many people use the YouTube search engine to search for videos, but many other users consider search engine positioning and use Google.

The recommended thing and I explain it in the video above are that in a txt document, you will write down the different keywords that you get with the different tools and then insert them in the title fields and the description on YouTube.

SEO Aspects to Consider Before Uploading the Video to YouTube

Before uploading a video to YouTube there are specific aspects of the video that affect SEO, either directly or indirectly, all sum and must meet some requirements so that the user feels comfortable when viewing a video and Google sees quality in it.

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