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We are the Senior class of 2020 at a local charter school. We are a close, tightly knit group of friends that practically raised each other since the majority of us have known each other since elementary and stuck around at the school for years, we’re sorta like one big family, along with the teachers too, who have also become our great friends and mentors. 

      Being a small title 1 school, funding for most projects or trips is very difficult, but nonetheless, we persist and are determined to have a lasting high school memory with all our friends final adventure. The funds we raise will be to ensure everyone within the 2020 Senior class, will be able to afford a plane ticket at a highly reduced cost or ideally for free. 

     We have only one year left to plan, organize and raise money for the trip, so time is of the essence and quick action is imperative for us in order to reduce the number of wrinkles in our planning and reduce the stress we already face in our Junior year. But that does not mean we are not capable to step up to the task to work hard and effectively in order to secure a fun, memorable trip for all our friends who will be going into important fields of study and rigorous training just the following year for college. 

    Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated, from just one dollar to twenty, it all helps in creating an unforgettable time that all of us in the class will treasure forever, and we cannot begin to express how thankful we will be to those who helped us keep such a beloved memory.

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