Please Help My Cause !!!

Please Help My Cause !!!

From Sydni Chance

I am raising money to pay my rent that is quite behind along with medical bills and other day-to-day living expenses.

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Welcome, Friend or Visitor,

Thank you for stopping by and please know in advance I appreciate anything you are able to contribute. 

 This FUND ME request I presume could have gone “OTHER” except there was no category for “OTHER”. 

The short version:

I must admit I am a bit shy in saying what I am about to say so brace yourself, I am a 71-year-old female and sadly in need of dire help. 

Yeah, I know I don't look my age, so I am told :O) The secret moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Attempting to have a lil levity here.

I have served my country in the military, and my life’s work has been in the capacity of service to others in one form or another. As an ex-NYPD officer (1.5 years) and retired Corrections Lieutenant (17 years) positions and careers of which I both enjoyed and loved. 

I am a spiritual woman believing in God. I volunteer where and when I can. It is my belief that we are all here on this planet to love one another, to help one another where and when we can, and above all to LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

I was forced to file Bankruptcy in 2020 due to the Corona Virus so sadly getting a loan is not an option and most if not, all essential bills have recently fallen behind.

My rent is past due a few months and there are utilities going unpaid and medical bills from a few heart procedures that were most recently performed. 

My pride caused me to become paralyzed with fear in taking this step sooner and because my circle is so very small, nor do I have any following on any social media platform that I can blast this out too. Additionally, I did not feel anyone would assist me. NOW due to this delay in asking for help my predicament has obviously worsened.

As a SENIOR I feel there are many of us out there in the world in need of help in one form or another and fear coming forward to ask for help be it financial assistance or whatever without feeling like we (I) would be judged, ridiculed, felt sorry for or worse.

I am usually not one to ask for assistance in any realm. Be it mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and sometimes even spiritually. Even now it is taking every bit of strength and humility for me to come forward to ask. The PRESSURES and STRESS that abounds in truth is more than I can bear.

Asking for financial assistance is HUGE for me. In my life, I have learned many a lesson in my life one of which is if you don’t ask you will NOT ever know. 

Sort of liken to the “The squeaky wheel gets greased or oiled”.

I hope and pray that those reading this do not view me in a light that is less than favorable and not ever find themselves in this position as this station in life is a very humbling one.

Thank you, friend or visitor, for coming to my FundME page and more importantly I thank you from the depts of my heart for any contribution you are able to make toward this endeavor.

May God Bless you and again, Thank you.

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