Send a Student on a Learning Adventure to a National Park

Send a Student on a Learning Adventure to a National Park

From Extera Public Schools

Extera Public Schools is partnering with Nature Bridge to send 4th & 5th graders on a learning adventure to the Santa Monica Mountains and the Channel Islands.

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What if you could open a child’s eyes to a world they've never seen before? What if you could provide the opportunity for a kid to experience camping in a National Park for the very first time? You can! This spring, Extera Public Schools is partnering with Nature Bridge to expand our students’ learning beyond the classroom; taking them from the city and into nature to explore new lessons and gain deeper experiences that aren't found in their everyday urban environment.

In April, our fourth graders will visit the Santa Monica Mountains for an exciting learning adventure, where they will have the opportunity to apply real-life lessons in earth sciences in the country's largest urban National Park. While camping in dorm-style cabins, they will study the park’s vast array of animal and plant life, as well as gain insight into the stewardship and conservation of this national treasure.

Our fifth graders travel to the Channel Islands in two groups - one in April, one in May - where they will camp in tents and study the park’s geological features, its animal inhabitants, and archeological findings. Students will also learn about the rich cultural and ranching history on the islands, as well as ways to preserve, protect, and restore the habitat of the islands.

The learning begins before the students ever leave the classroom, with focused lessons that are taught prior to their trips, designed so that they can make the most out of the three days and two nights in these magnificent and inspiring natural settings.

With a history that spans over 40 years, Nature Bridge is proud to be the largest nonprofit residential environmental education partner of the National Park Service. They are leaders in environmental education, and serve over 40,000 students and teachers annualy, providing camping and learning excursions where students study Life Science & Ecology, Earth Science & Geology, Watershed, as well as current environmental issues. Their mission is to connect students to the wonder and science of nature.

Through the generous partnership of Nature Bridge, the cost to send one child on this learning adventure is only $144. Reaching our $75,000 goal will help us to not only expand our trips to include excursions to Yosemite for our 6th graders next year, but will fund this exciting program for three full years! Your thoughtful and tax-deductible contribution can make a difference in the education and life of a child, and will provide a rich experience that they will never forget. We are grateful for your consideration!

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