Send Amani to D.C for summer camp!

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Send Amani to D.C for summer camp!

From Amani Clemons

I'm raising money to help fund my going to summer camp at Georgetown University. I would be attending the U.S Campaigns and Elections Academy there, however, the cost is $3,000 which is why I need your help!

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Election night, 2016. I did not know it at the time but watching the various election results pour in from the battleground states, I had become bitten by the political bug and I did not want a cure. I had just witnessed perhaps the most polarizing modern presidential election and did not fully realize it. From then on I gradually became more and more interested in politics both foreign and domestic. It culminated into the summer of 2018 when my friend and I had met our local Congressman. With the Midterms, conveniently taking place at that time last year, I relentlessly helped to phone call and canvas with the local politicians and now regularly attend meetings with them. It is here that I immersed myself and I have now realized I never want to leave.

From this program, I hope to achieve a more in-depth analysis and understanding of our nation’s elections and campaigns. With the knowledge I wish to gain, I would like to educate my peers and be able to have a developed understanding of what Election Night really means in America. I also intend to gain a better sense of self-growth, both mentally and socially, as I will have the opportunity to meet many influential people and understand how elections shape America. 

Seeing more diverse congressional representation among women has inspired me that I, a person of two races, can aspire to such elevated positions. The U.S Campaigns and Elections Academy, I feel, will better prepare me for my goals, in and out of the political realm. 

The camp costs $3,000 and unfortunately my family can not cover it. I need your help to send me to the camp as it will be the first time I have ever been to Washington D.C and I can't think of a better way to experience it than through this program. I will be forever grateful to those who help send me there. 

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