Seeking Help to Pay off a $26,000 Bill

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Seeking Help to Pay off a $26,000 Bill

My name is Osei Kofi, a 61 year old man and 4th of 7 children raised by a single mother from a small farming village in Ghana.  With very minimal income from subsistence farming,I studied hard to get academic scholarships up to college level and finally, a similar offer to pursue graduate studies in the United States.  I have 3 children of my own in the US, two of who have pursued college degrees with the last one finishing High School soon.  

After suffering some loses, I finally sold my stocks, and used the resulting $3,000 to invest in artificial turf in Ghana which I rent, making about $100 weekly, 90% of which goes to help the poor, elderly women, children, widows, the sick and 3 churches activities in the village I grew up.  I took this decision primarily to facilitate easy availability of cash back home to help the community members and also to avoid having to use my already over stretched salary.

Now the event which brings me to you seeking one time financial help.  On a rainy and poor visibility morning around 4am, I set out to go to the office to get a head start.  Driving in the outermost lane at about 45 mph on a 4-lane interstate, I came up on a stalled electric vehicle parked in a T-bone fashion in my lane. With no warning lights in my direction and due to poor visibility, I had little time to react and drove head-long into the disabled vehicle, totalling my car as a result.

Ironically, I had just started driving that vehicle in place of another one which was in the shop for repairs.  A few weeks earlier I had attempted to move the insurance on the old car to the new one I had started driving but the process must have not gone through completely online, meaning that I was ostensibly driving an uninsured car around.  Consequently, the two insurance companies refused responsibility so I ended up being held liable for the cost of the other car costing some $26,000.  Fearing possible loss of my driving privileges for driving an uninsured vehicle, I agreed to a $150 monthly payment on the $26,000 price tag.  I am fully employed however, the unexpected bill has become a source of stress, causing sleepless nights, and hurting my ability to maintain the financial assistance I provide to my child who finishes college in 2024.

I am therefore seeking help from anyone who is touched by my plight to assist with a one time help to pay off the $26,000 bill.  

Thank you and may God bless you!

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