My purpose for creating this fundraiser is because I've been homelessness for many years and seeking to create a stable and better future for myself and family. I have brilliant ideas and talents that I wish to pursue.

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Hey everyone I greatly appreciate whoever takes the time to read this message. My name is Malcolm located in Delaware and just currently exploring all the many ways I can influence a better life for myself and family and began to take action toward many goals and plans I imagine doing with my life and creating a better future not only for myself but for many around the world. I hope that one day I will be on the receiving end of a letter like this and be in a position to help. I’m currently dealing with homelessness, and difficulty paying for many essential needs. Things like food, clothing, bathing, transportation, really no family support. I’ve lived in a very dysfunctional family setting and ultimately ended up deciding to walk away from my own family because the situation was very toxic and unhealthy. Ended up just on my own working low-paying jobs and not being able to pay for housing or a car or able to support a stable comfortable living. It has been many years, at least 5 to 7 years now and I’m taking any actions I can to finally change my current reality. I was introduced to this website by researching how to acquire funding and ultimately help people in situations like mine. I don’t want to continue to rely on loans as I’ve struggled a lot with paying loan debts and have suffered negative impacts on my credit because of this. As I’ve mentioned I have many goals, plans and ideas that I daydream of doing in life. I have a deep love and passion and gift for music, I want to be a recording artist and producer with my own studio. I have many business plans for a restaurant fruit shop I want to franchise around the world. I want to start a credit union and help many entrepreneurs and communities around the country. And so many more ideas for a technology company, phone applications, community centers for therapy, financial consoling, shelter, gym and recreation amenities all in one center building. Health stores offering the most up-to-date holistic and herbal medicines affordable. So many more ideas and dreams I couldn’t possibly explain them all. I’ve pretty much been stuck in Delaware all my life so I do have a passion to travel and explore many destinations around the world and learn cultures and languages from around the world. So to bring this to a close, I don’t want to take too much of your time, I greatly appreciate it if you have read this far, and I’m very thankful in advance to those that see value in me and reaching out to help this situation. I promise that when I become a great success and of abundance I will give back 1000fold to all those involved. I will make sure to keep documented records of all involved. I hope and wish the best for us all! Contact info: Cell phone number: (302) 601-3639 Email: [email protected]

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