Scrumbscious Burgers & Pieshakes #2- Irving/Las Colinas

Scrumbscious Burgers & Pieshakes #2- Irving/Las Colinas

From Chris Howard

Experience the Scrumbscious Burgers & Pieshakes restaurant with a Drive-Thru in the DFW Airport area! We have an awesome opportunity to take advantage of a restaurant space for our second awesome location.

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My late father, Daniel Howard, used to say the word "scrumptious" to describe foods that he especially liked. Scrumptious has been a word for longer than he said it, but he was the only one I knew that used it regularly. He used it with particular emphasis to describe Sherry's pie one time at a holiday dinner! We lost him unexpectedly in 2009 at a fairly young age. His legacy and many of the words and phrases he used to say lives on. It was only natural to name our new pie business "Scrumbscious" in 2007. We created a variation of the spelling for 2 reasons. The first reason was that Webster's spelling was taken on the internet and the second reason was that we like it better with the word "crumbs" incorporated in it. So in 2007 Scrumbscious Pie Co. was born!

In 2009 we had too many pie orders for Thanksgiving to fulfill them at home like we had for the previous two years. So we made a short deal with a run down closed up restaurant space to handle the holiday season. After the holiday season and with about 15 pies left over the kids were tired of pie and to prevent them from going to waste, Sherry began putting slices of pie in a vanilla milkshake. And thus, the Pieshake was born. To be fair, we weren't the first to discover it, but we did discover it on our own! And I believe we have done more to make it a household name than anyone else. Long story short, the restaurant space had a drive thru and we decided to give it a go with a simple menu of burgers, fries, and pieshakes. In January 2010, Scrumbscious Burgers & Pieshakes was born. Within 6 months we were featured in "D" magazine, the Dallas Morning News, and even had an order for about 8 pies from Dr. Phil! We have given everything to this business and had help along the way to navigate the rough waters of building a restaurant brand from scratch. In 2013 we were accepted into the State Fair of Texas and have incorporated concessions into our restaurant business. It has taken on a life of its own but it has contributed greatly to both our name recognition in the region and our revenue. We have definitely been blessed and learned a great deal about the business and ourselves along the way.

With that being said, 2020 has proven to be the biggest challenge yet. The restaurant business along with many other types of businesses have had to recreate their models to survive. We took a very positive approach and the community was extremely supportive and we didn't lose revenue during this time. We were planning on opening a second location after the fair this year because of the planned revenue boost, but sadly it was canceled because of the worldwide pandemic. This created a unique opportunity for us in that restaurant spaces are more readily available and landlords are anxious to make deals and most importantly we have an unexpected window of time that we don't normally have. We are very excited about the opportunity that has come up and would like to take advantage of it. Growth into the booming Irving/Las Colinas market along the DFW Airport corridor is a dream come true. We need a little help because of the fair loss this year to help make this a reality and are asking for your help to make this a reality. As you can probably guess, this venture is expensive, but we have most of what we need, but this last bit will help us complete the project and create the Scrumbscious customer experience! As an 11 year old restaurant and 8 years as a concessionaire in the largest State Fair in the country we are well equipped and ready to take this step. We need to take this step. We hope you are inspired to participate in making this a reality. We will take good care of you! 

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