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Scotch is a stray I have never seen before. She came running right up to me and ran right into my house. She is very sweet and when I got a closer look at her face, I realized she has some head trauma. Her jaw feels like it could've been broken and didn't heal right, there is also an infection brewing somewhere around her mouth area. I can smell it.

She's such a sweet girl and I couldn't just put her out of the house in that condition when she's clearly asking for help. I am currently in the process of trying to get my car driving again, and I need to feed and provide vet care for my own zoo of animals, I really don't have extra money to spend but she really needs help so I have to ask others for help. 

I have never asked people I don't personally know for money or help with an animal, but I have no funds right now and Scotch needs help as soon as possible. I'm not sure what or where this infection is around her mouth, she coughs and huffs sometimes like she could have trouble breathing and she also has trouble eating because of her jaw and whatever else could be wrong that I can't see.

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