Scientific research in the field of sustainable development

Scientific research in the field of sustainable development

From Olena Hetman

I raising money for scientific research and creation of a platform for the use of alternative energy sources in the development of energy-independent rural areas (for example the Odessa region).

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The development of alternative energy sources can be one of the most important factors in the development of the Silk territories and the development of their energy independence. On one side there is a price tag for promising climatic changes, and on the other side - for economic development in a stylish form. Growing on the power of economic development, it is extremely important to create an optimal model of modern and energy efficient economy, based on innovative and building competition on the market. Do not go to the Ukrainian energy policy to be sure of the concrete mind, but they went to the Silk city, for the development of alternative energy sources.

Scientific research is aimed at developing energy independence of rural areas.

Alternative energy sources should contribute to the sustainable development of the countryside, the region, and the country as a whole, and address a number of specific problems that arise in rural areas, such as:

- improving the stability and quality of energy supplied,

- reduction of costs associated with its transmission and distribution (consumer energy),

- prevention of floods and increased water retention in the soil, low emissions of greenhouse gases and other substances,

- stabilization of agricultural markets and agricultural incomes, in particular animal production, etc.,

- management of local biomass resources, sun, wind and groundwater, etc.

An energy atlas of the countryside will be created.

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