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Two nights ago, my rescue angel, Bunny,  fell off the couch and onto my hardwood floor. Stiff. Foaming. Convulsing. This was her first grand mal seizure. I immediately took her to the vet. They kept her for 24 Hours. Gave me four expensive meds, every kind of test. They chalked it up to an infection and sent me home last night with two doses of emergency seizure medication. I put bells all over her and counted her heartbeat, over and over.  At 1:15 am I felt a twitch. I had prepared a place on the floor with her emergency meds, blankets, covered corners, and water. I gently set her down and administered her meds. She convulsed for a minute and a half before her body began to relax.  Cow began crying and came to lay his head on her while she layed there, drooling and exhausted. I cried harder than I maybe ever have. She’s only seven, how could this be happening? She was in perfect health. She could go four miles with me like it was nothing. She’s faster than Cow. She’s the most loving baby I’ve ever had. At 3:45 am today the second seizure hit. This time hitting harder, faster. I had prepared her emergency meds and administered them again. Waiting for her to relax. My nerves were so raw. I had a gut instinct that this vet was not a good place for her. Broke, scared, and with no sleep and a swollen face, I took her to a new vet. She instantly looked at all my records and said it was absolutely not an infection. And the seizure meds the previous vet had prescribed would take four months to stabilize her and have toxic,  harmful side effects. She gave her a new seizure med, stopped the antibiotics, and  brought in a neurologist. They said that that the most likely cause is epilepsy. And that I needed to pay $650 deposit to keep her for 12 hours, even though they wanted to keep her for 24 seizure free hours first. After spending $700 the night before, and putting several hundred more on care credit, my savings were almost tapped. I asked the vet what she would do. She told me that she thinks she has a lot of healthy life left to live, and that I should do everything in my power to give her a chance and let the meds stabilize her.  I put my credit card down with shaky hands. Friends, please help me save this amazing angel. She has had a hard life. She is my best friend. She has so much life ahead of her. This has been the most difficult 36 hours of my life.  And, on four hours of sleep I’m doing a thing I never thought I would ever do: publicly ask for help. I’m not asking for the full cost. I just need a little help to get through these next few days and cover some care. I can’t leave her alone during this stabilizing period. I am distraught and have done everything else I can think of.If you can help, even just a little, you’ll never know how much it will mean to me. Love to you.

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