Saving Favor

Saving Favor

From Favor Jeremie

I am a college student trying to pay off loans and save for a car and to also help my mom out. With a car I'll be able to drive further and get a higher pay wage. I will not have to worry so much about bills.

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Hello to the stranger that reads this campaign. I am a college student trying to finish my B.S. in Chemistry so that I could become a chemist.  I am asking anyone for help, and I am embarrassed even to ask for help.  My mother and I came to America in 2004 but haven’t had any luck. My mother brought me to America in order to ensure I get a better life and for us to have “the American Dream.” Leaving my father behind in Africa, just for the possibility to get that “Dream;” unfortunately that dream is not a reality and we lost contact with my father and haven’t been able to reach him since. My mom is suffering and hasn’t had the best time in America. I want to be able to get a good job and help provide for her. She’s sacrificed so much for me and with the stepping stone of a car can change a lot for me. I have my license but do not have the funds for a car. Sometimes I borrow people’s cars for certain things but that is embarrassing having to ask to use someone else’s property and to feel like a beggar. My goal in life is to be able to make my mother’s life comfortable and for her to be happy.  In the city of Riverside the wage is very low and balancing work and going to school is kind of difficult because I can only work so much but since the wages are so low all the money I make go towards rent and other bills; and sometimes I do not have enough for those things. In addition, since I do not have a car, I have to take the bus everywhere. Taking the bus is only an issue because of the inconveniences of the lack of consistency when it comes to the bus scheduling. Some of the buses come once an hour and they stop running at certain times. It will take roughly an hour or so on transportation just to get to work and I can not work too long because I still have to get home on the bus. I have also been harassed many times taking the bus and put in situations where people would try to get me to get into their car. With a car, I can also do side jobs that can help me gain more money in order to pay off loans and help my mother. I am asking for help and I hope people can help me and understand my story and sympathize with me. If you can not help, I understand and I hope that you can just send positivity my way and hope my situation gets better. Thank you to the stranger that read this, and I hope you can understand me more as a person and that you will have a great year.

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