Saving Usman

From Ogundiwin Segun

I am usman I have Nephritis, Hepatomegaly and Cardiomegaly Now I want to go through a new treatment cycle and surgery I need your help to acheive this

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My name is Usman Ganiyu. I have Nephritis, Hepatomegaly and Cardiomegaly which have led to multimorbidity and it’s killing me. The multimorbidity also brought about PLEURAL EFFUSION, which is the retainment of pleural fluid in my left lung.

After a very uncomfortable procedure of the removal of pleural fluid from my lungs, the condition returned

A month after, there was a reaccumulating of the pleural fluid. Now I want to go through a new treatment cycle and multiple surgeries which would help me end this painful journey. With your support, I believe I will beat these diseases and live again. Help me live a healthy life again.

Usman grew up as a loving, highly energetic, and cheerful child.  Usman was diagnosed with a devastating, combination of Nephritis, Hepatomegaly (Enlarged Liver) and Cardiomegaly (Enlarged Heart). 

Nephritis is a condition in which the nephrons, the functional units of the kidneys, become inflamed. This inflammation, which is also known as glomerulonephritis, can adversely affect Usman’s kidney functions.

Hepatomegaly is having an enlarged liver. It is often a sign that the tissue within the liver isn’t functioning properly.

Cardiomegaly is having an enlarged heart, and it is usually a sign of another condition.

At age 15, Usman was starting to show the signs of the diseases.  Right now, he is in so much pain and discomfort.  His father is deeply distressed, as Usman is a child that brought so much joy to his heart. Usman is dying. For now, he’s hanging on, but just barely.  This campaign for his LIFE is as urgent as it gets.  It’s Now or Never for Usman.

Our #1 goal is to raise $15000 dollars in 2 months, to give Usman his rightful chance at LIFE.  We can’t just sit back and accept that he’s going to fade away and die, not when there is something tangible that could save him.  The $15,000 will go to fund a series of surgeries and provision of drugs that can give him that chance.

We know how quickly these campaigns can grow if supported and if shared with the masses.  Yes, we need your help to contribute what you are able, and to help share so #SaveUsman can go #viral, and we can reach this goal.

Usman can LIVE.  Usman can get that chance at LIFE, and it will be thanks to you.  But it has to be now.Our deepest thanks and words simply fail to express how incredibly grateful we are.

HOW YOU CAN HELP TODAY1. Donate what you can, no amount is too small and donations are tax deductible2. Share on all social media with hashtags #SaveUsman and #NowOrNever

3. Email this fundly link and these steps to all contacts you know4. Leverage any avenue you have to make this go viral

We appreciate your prayers and your help in any way possible.

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