Save Tuggs

Save Tuggs

From Frankie Weschler

Tuggs the corgi aka little tuggers aka little boop snoot aka tuggerbutt aka Tuggboat needs surgery on his lower bowels. He's only 6 years old so we're hoping to at least double that with this surgery!

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My name is Frank but that's not important. What IS important, and I cannot stress this enough, is my dog. His name is, and this is true, Lord Tuggerton Of All Chicago Land, but we call him "Tuggs" for short.


He is an absolute dynamo. He trains, weekly, with German Shephards for obedience and socialization. If you wanna see something funny, check out a line of BUILT Shepherds sitting in the stay position only to have this little torpedo sausage sitting with his stumpers at his side but still being a very good boy.


He is the ultimate vacuum, swiping up any arrant noodles, bits of egg, or green beans that fall to the floor in the blink of an eye when mama is prepping dinner or I'm making Sunday breakfast.


He's a cuddle bug and the perfect companion to watch a baseball game with on TV. He does not BEG for food, but, rather, gently coaxes you into letting him have a fry.


These are all just a few examples of why he is just one of the best dogs in the world. But when we were going on walks the past few days and noticing that when he assumed the position to go #2 and then didn't, we thought something was off. After discussions with fellow corgi and dog owners, we decided to take him to the vet where we discovered that it was pretty serious.


We were told that he had a bilateral perennial hernia and he would need surgery to fix the hernia itself, perform something called a "pexy" to adhere his colon & bladder to nearby muscles, and remove his as this will help ensure we don’t have a repeat.


The vets told us that, should it all go to play we're looking at 6,000 dollars.


I am hoping that, with the kindness of the world backing this cause, we can get the medical care that "Tuggs" needs so he can go back to being a tennis ball fiend, Saturday morning cartoon cuddle buddy, lazy walk companion, and my best friend.


Thank you for your help. it really does mean the world to me.

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