Save this medical Doctor

Save this medical Doctor

From Natalie Ibrahim

I'm raising money to to pay for my accommodation and pay for my surgery because I have adenomyosis which makes me bleed excessively during menstruation , I use up to eight pieces of pads per day. I want to also start ...

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I'm doctor Natalie Ibrahim I have been through hell in my life I was married to the wrong woman who dealt with me violently and threatens to kill me so the marriage ended I resigned my job to be with him in 2016 but after my marriage and then I could not get another job I have been looking for jobs here and there to no avail I presently and not friend for my son I have adenomyosis which I want to have surgery to cure because I bleed excessively during menses using eight pieces of pants per day for up to five days sometimes I bleed continuously for two weeks with severe cramps. I also want to get an accommodation and start up a business to support myself business in female clothing. I will be immensely grateful if my request is supported by you all. I am a certified and licensed medical doctor in Abuja Nigeria. We sometimes don't look like what we have been through but the truth is that I am dying please help meaning of my Cherie amour

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