Save Theresa's Hair!

Save Theresa's Hair!

From Tristan Otto

Please help us raise money for our wonderful mother as she begins chemotherapy treatments. All funds will go to paying for cold cap therapy, a unique treatment that aims to preserve hair follicles during chemotherapy.

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Earlier this year, our mother received the news that nobody wants to hear: you have cancer. Specifically, she was diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer. In layman’s terms, HER2 positive means the cancer cells grow more quickly and spread faster. This means that even though the tumor is small and Stage 1, she will have to undergo chemotherapy.

On March 21st she underwent a successful unilateral mastectomy that brought promising news on all fronts. had not metastasized to the lymph nodes, and there were clear margins. Following the surgery, she has begun meeting with oncologists to get started on the next stage of treatment, the chemo. 

They have decided to do a program with weekly sessions, which is particularly lengthy and physically draining. And this is the stage that frightens her the most. She has always had the worst reactions to medicines and is feeling especially beaten down following multiple surgeries. One of the things that had given her hope going into this process was the prospect of being able to keep her hair using a “cold cap system.”

Cold cap therapy uses a special cap, almost like a lightweight helmet, that is cooled to very low temperatures and worn before, during, and after chemotherapy sessions, in order to reduce the of drugs that reach the hair follicles. Cold cap therapy has been used in Europe for over 20 years and is available to all patients there. Many patients here have had success, saving most of their hair.

The thought of being able to keep her hair had mom excited, up until her oncologist revealed the cost. Cold cap systems can cost patients anywhere from $2000-$4000 over the course of the treatment process, depending upon which system one opts to use as well as the duration of the treatment. While some caps have recently been cleared by the FDA, many insurance companies - including ours - do not cover the use of the cap and reimbursement is far from guaranteed, as well as a struggle to get. 

Please consider supporting our wonderful, strong mother as she starts the toughest battle she’s faced. This whole process will be damaging enough physically without having to suffer the indignity of hair loss.  Every donation will go exclusively towards payment for a cold cap system and any additional proceeds will go towards the Rapunzel Project, a non-profit organization that provides easy to understand information about keeping your hair during chemo.

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