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Ok hun, why do you need a go fund me account? you might ask? Who died? 

The answer is my ass. My ass and my back are dying little by little every day. But you ass is getting bigger! You might say, and I would’ve agreed with you. But my ass is getting bigger because of the pandemic and I need more support (the bigger the ass the more cushioning needed). 

Ever since the pandemic hit, I’ve been forced to work from home which means that I’m not as active as before and my office chair and non-standing desk are not helping.

There are bigger problems in this world, You might say. And you are absolutely right, but, this is a pretty big deal to me and it’s affecting my health, my social life and my romantic life. Gzzz! for all I know this is the reason why I am single! 

I’ve been working sitting on a crappy chair, 8 to 10 hrs each day and that hurts my butt and my back. When I’m done working I don’t want to go out because I’m really tired and hurt. Therefore, this is preventing me from enjoying myself and going on dates. So yes, if you asked me on a date and I said that I was tired, now you know the reason why.

So if you are asking yourself right now, HOW! how can we save your butt and back? The answer is, by donating to this fund so that I can get a standing desk to alleviate my back and a better office chair to keep the buns happy. 

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