Save the Bornean Rainforest

Save the Bornean Rainforest

From Adam Miller

Rural poverty forces communities to illegally poach wildlife and cut down our world's last remaining rainforests. At Planet Indonesia we have a solution - our rifle and chainsaw buyback program.

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Rural poverty forces communities to poach endangered species and log the world's last remaining rainforests just to survive. 

 At Planet Indonesia we have a solution to reverse this negative cycle of poverty and environmental loss. 


Our solution is thorough - create sustainable pathways to get poachers and loggers out of poverty. As an extension of our program villagers can exchange their rifles and chainsaws to receive: 

1.) Financial support - for immediate relief to cope with change 

2.) Farming assets - seeds, fertilizers, and farming equipment 

3.) Training - sustainable agriculture and livelihood development 

For every 30$ we receive we can buy back a locally made rifle 

For $100 we can buyback the most commonly owned air rifle 

And for every $400 we can buyback a chainsaw. 

We need your help to raise an additional $10,000 to reach more villagers and save more forest. 


Planet Indonesia is creating sustainable long-lasting change for our planet. Over 13,000 villagers have been reached, 30,000 seedlings annually are planted on degraded lands, and over 60,000 hectares of forest have been protected. 98% of villagers enrolled in our program noted they were 'extremely satisfied' with our services and 78% of households noted they felt more safe and secure as a member of Planet Indonesia's Conservation Cooperatives. 

Our model conserve's biodiversity by addressing the root causes of its loss - rural poverty. Will you help us save more forests and help more people? 


At Planet Indonesia, our aim is to conserve the highly threatened Bornean rainforest but our method is by empowering local communities to take charge of that fight. Many of the local communities who live inside these at-risk ecosystems live in poverty and rely on the harvest natural resources for just to survive. These activities are laborious, dangerous and illegal, but they have no choice. These industries give short-term relief to systemic problems that will only be worsened when the rainforest has been completely dilapidated. 

We work with communities to overcome the hardships of poverty and address the root drivers of forest and species loss at the grassroots level. Our Conservation Cooperatives provide a platform for communities to improve local well-being while conserving and protecting some of the world’s last remaining rainforests – the lungs of our planet. 

We’re seeing incredible change in the areas we work in, for example households enrolled in our programs were 70% less likely to own and hunt wildlife and 78% of households enrolled reported they felt more secure and economically safe as a member of our conservation cooperatives. In the years after we began our programs we have also seen tree cover loss in the area decrease - a direct result of our programs focus on community empowerment. 

And perhaps more importantly we’re answering a call from the local people for fairer, safer and more stable conditions. They not only recognize the importance and fragility of the rainforest and its wildlife but also the symbiotic relationship they have with the Bornean ecosystem. For the sake of all of us, we need to work together to protect these life-giving ecosystems.

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