Save Sunnyside Farm

Save Sunnyside Farm

From Rachel James

This campaign is to raise money in the interests of saving Sunnyside Farm, a township owned historic property in Mount Laurel. This property is currently in disrepair, but it has a real chance with our help!

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My name is Rachel James, and I have been actively working to save Sunnyside Farm since finding out about its impending demolition in 2018. I am asking for donations to create a better chance of keeping this beautiful home standing. In order to ensure that any and all donations are used responsibly, I have developed the following plan. The first attempted use of any donations raised through this petition will go towards finishing the application to put Sunnyside Farm on the Historic Registry. Should the donations prove unnecessary to the process (as there is a chance that the township would front the money as the current owner of the property), the proceeds will be offered as a donation towards the restoration of Sunnyside. Finally, if for some reason the township is unable to accept the fundraising efforts as a donation towards restoration, or if by some unfortunate chance we lose this battle, the funds raised will be used to develop a system within the Historical Society for future preservation of historic properties in Mount Laurel, to prevent something like this from happening again. This plan is my guarantee to you that any money you feel able and willing to contribute will be used to preserve history.

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