Save Sam's Dad!!!

Save Sam's Dad!!!

From Christy Clerc

Samantha {Schirmer) Hall's dad became ill with Covid and was told he would not make it. Sam is an only child and has exhausted every cent her family has to get her father home and closer to recovery, Please help!

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In November of 2021 Samantha (Schirmer) Hall's father was  building an exterior office.  (This man is young, strong and a force to be reckoned with).  He came in because he said he just wasn't feeling quite right.  He had a glass of water and then collapsed to the ground.  He was transported by ambulance to the ER and was diagnosed with Covid where he remained in the hospital for the next 3.5 months.  After much discussion from the doctors, it was recommended that Sam and her mom, husband and two kids say their goodbyes and her dad be given enough Morphine to put him in a deep sleep while they turned the oxygen flow down allowing him to peacefully pass in his sleep.  I called in, said a final prayer with him saying I had a lot of family that would be there to greet him when he arrived and to be at peace because he surely had secured his place in Heaven.  (Tears running down my face as I recount this conversation).  

Can you imagine being put in the position of knowing that your father who is alert and a hell of a fighter should just quit because this horrible, bullshit of a virus is making it so you cannot breath without an oxygen machine pumping into you non stop?  How do you just let go?  HOW?  Well, you don't.  The next morning I reluctantly called to see how Sam and her family were holding up.  She told me she couldn't do it and was exploring bringing him home on hospice and to seek other options to buy time with her dad.

Long story short, Sam's mom and dad have been living in her house and she has been giving her dad 110% with exercise, Covid specialist, round the clock supervision (ALL DONE BY HER} and guess what??? DAD IS GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY.  He is walking short distances assisted, using the commode on his own and is very ready to regain his independence.  

Can you please spare ANYTHING you can to help pay down the enormous debt that Sam has incurred saving her fathers life?  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!  This could have been any one of us and God know's we would all do this for our fathers.  Sam was one of my bridesmaids 22 long years ago and we have been there for each other ever since.  She has one major doctor bill that has to be paid immediately for $25,000.  Anything above that would pay off the other medical debt incurred over the last five months.  Sam also has Zelle if that is easier for any of you.

Zelle - Samantha Hall (949) 212-8651

Thank you all for reading and please pray for Richard.

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