Save Revan! Rescued bait dog's heartworm treatment

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My name is Revan. I'm a good boy I think, at least that's what the people that found me a few days ago tell me. They seem nice (I'm not completely sure yet)... The mean people I used to live with hit me and kicked me. They would let the bigger dogs attack me and bite me and beat me up to train for their fights. 

One day I was able to run away. It was scary on my own, but at least I wasn't getting beaten and attacked. I was by myself for a long time. Sometimes people would leave food outside, but I wouldn't let them get too close because people like to hit and kick and are scary!

A few days ago, some new people left some food outside & I ate it. I came back the next day and there was more food. One of the humans saw me and started coming towards me. I ran, but there was a fence. I kept running until I got to the bayou and had nowhere else to go. The human picked me up and took me inside. I was so scared!

He gave me a bowl of food petted me and said I was a good boy and no one would hurt me again. Him and the lady that live there have been nice so far. 

Today I went to the doctor. It was so scary. I had to get shots and get teeth pulled and get medicine for worms. The doctor said that I have heartworm too and that if I don't get the treatment, I'll die. I don't want to die! I want to give these humans a chance. 

Human here- any help paying vet bills would be greatly appreciated for this poor soul. He's such a good dog and has been mistreated so badly. Anything that doesn't go to vet bills will go to the local animal rescue. 

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