Save NYC Harry’s life! Help with emergency bills!

Save NYC Harry’s life! Help with emergency bills!

From Ed Curtis

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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If you live around the lower West 70s of NYC, you may have seen a handsome gray tabby/white cat hanging around the PS 199 school. Utterly adorable with big, expressive eyes, this vocal cutie was quite the singer. Unable to resist that face, three neighbors who didn't know each other came together to trap him only to discover this small Upper West Sider is really sick.

Named Harry Winston, this young cat has 3 BB gun bullets lodged in his body--one that has potentially caused his lung to collapse and his heart to shift in his chest. We discovered this after taking him to the emergency vet (AMC) for a urinary blockage and fast breathing rate. He's on oxygen now and on Wednesday (12/21) will receive another x-ray to see how his lung is doing as well as an ultrasound to see what caused him to not be able to urinate, hoping surgery isn’t needed. He is also FIV+ and has a low-grade heart condition, making his case a bit harder.

In addition to being potentially dumped by his family on the streets, a heartless human made him suffer more by shooting him. Will you help your neighbors give this cat a chance to enjoy life?

We can’t get enough of those love blinks and his clear desire to have human companionship instead of being by himself. Once he's through this rough patch, with a little medicine and lots of love, we hope his current high levels of stress will go down so he can be that purring house cat, where his true sweet personality will shine and he’ll live happily sniffing his catnip toy and enjoying belly rubs with a special human of his own.

Understandably, Harry is currently really scared, but with your help, we can get him through this.

Please help if you can. Even a little.

Please share on social media, email, text--as many ways as possible. The smallest dollar amount from many people can really make a difference and help cover emergency bills. We are not a rescue group but just women with a big heart trying to make a difference in Harry’s life but we can’t afford to do it alone.

Thank you for helping Harry, it really means a lot to us and Harry who would like to share a few words below.

Hi, I am Harry!

I am currently quite a scared kitty due to bullets in my body and my illness - so I am not feeling well at all. The new surroundings, feeling sick, being inside a strange house and now hospital scare me. I promise though, I am a sweet kitty, just need some help!

I really love my wand chin and head scratches and I roll over with the cutest little purrs and sounds - almost belly up for you hoomans. When feeling a bit better I love big stretches, some good food, catnip and sleeping in my fluffy bed.

I show my foster every day that I trust her more and give her lots of love blinks. They keep saying my face is so cute and I melt hearts, go figure.

The hospital is a really scary place but they all keep talking about my cuteness overload and everyone of the doctors and nurses wants to help me. Please help me and get me out of here. Oh and there is Pepper, my foster home friend who sits next to me every day to give me comfort and love. I like cats!

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