Save my home from foreclosure

Save my home from foreclosure

From Edmundo Castro

I lost my job, without income my spouse decided to leave with their portion of the mortgage debt, and when I turned to family for emotional support they stole $4626 and $5000 of my last belongings.

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I am raising money for myself. Throughout my carrier I had been a very career ambitions individual trying to become director level. During the same time in 2017 I also wanted my dream to become a homeowner. For two reasons, 1) as a kid I was in shelters for a year and realized the dangers of becoming homeless and thus became my fear and since my family was always disconnected I know I cannot depend on any of my family members to help if I needed it thus had always been independent, and reason #2 is for investment. So I switch 3 jobs to gain the income needed to quality and fixed my credit.

My dream became a reality, I was working for long hours and traveling work work, but I was able to do it. 

Without me knowing, being that my mom and I never saw eye to eye regarding the proper care of a step brother whom was born 5 months premature, we had a fall out in 2012 and barely spoke to her or her to me. 

My home was not in danger at that time, but it all slowly came crashing down when I lost my career job and went from making $75k a year to zero. In order to cope I just wanted time off but for many years I either change jobs or cashed out my vacations and thus never took time to myself. That's when I realized the spouse I had, the friends I had were not as supportive as I had imagined. And eventually in beginning of this year, my spouse left me , and left me with half their portion of the debt and mines to handle on my own, and then depression hit. I turn to my mom whom I thought had changed and whom I yearned for since I was a child, whom nurtured me, whom guided and whom provide hope to save my home and that the family I hadn't talked to in 12 years were suddenly back in the picture and were going to help me so I thought. Little did I know the moment they step foot in my home, my financial situation was going to go from bad to worse. 

They stole $4,626 dollars from my unemployment benefits that I was saving to pay off the past due mortgage back then at only $8k, they stole over $5,000 in items or unpaid items, and the promise to help pay the mortgage suddenly became lost income of about $6,000 un unpaid rent/utilities. And it didn't stop there, they were able to file a restraining order for my complaining and called  called it harassment. Then they took illegal tenancy by forcing themselves beyond 30 days without paying a dime and the police/court now saw them as tenants protected by covid-19.

I then saw myself really without my home and living in the garage with bad plumbing and poor lighting and electricity and at times I was ready to escape it all by leaving the only place I really called home.

Now, my home is in the market and currently in escrow but I really do not want to sell and my payment is past due and ask of you to lend a hand. I never really asked for help but I don't want to sell or lose my home. If I can save it I rather.

Please help. My mortgage debt is now at $23k and if I can pay even half of that, I can get motivated to save again and reach the remainder goal on my own but as things stand I feel I tried that and it was robbed right under me.

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