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Hello everyone, the patient is my mother, my father died of liver cancer at an early age, and there are two elderly people in their 70s who are still working odd jobs to maintain their basic living. The sudden disease has caused huge economic pressure on the family, and the family has no main source of income. Yes, on the evening of June 16 this year, my mother was sent to the hospital due to sudden unconsciousness for 1 hour.

1 Moyamoya disease

2. Brain hemorrhage

3. Epilepsy

4. Type 2 diabetes

The doctor said that the situation was very serious because of the bleeding site on both sides of the ventricle, which required immediate surgery. On the night of the drainage operation, he underwent craniocerebral surgery. After rescue, he has been treated in the intensive care unit. Friends and relatives paid in advance. I don’t know how much the later expenses will be. I really can’t afford it, but there is no way. Now the whole family is raising the cost of follow-up treatment. There is really no way. I only need to apply for Shuidi Funding and hope that caring people can help me. The disease is ruthless, and there is love in the world. I urge everyone to lend a helping hand. More retweets mean more hope. Relay lights up the light of hope in life.

Finally, I wish good-hearted people good health and a happy life, thank you!

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