Save Mrs. Karen's Millhouse!

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So here's what happened..

We had a wonderful breakfast in the mill house on this rainy Christmas morning. The deck of the mill house backs right up to a dam that my great-grandfather, grandfather, and great uncle built. The mill house was renovated just a few years ago from my great-grandfather's welding shop into a room we use for family gatherings and other get-togethers. Part of the fun of rainy days is seeing just how high the creek is going to rise, but we never expected this.

After Samuel and I left the mill house to let the kids play with their gifts, the water from William's Creek continued to rise. Mom called and asked us to come quickly to set the large furniture up on stools in case water came inside. We did although we didn't think it would be necessary. Two hours later, we were wading through the mill house in water to our knees trying to pull the most sentimental things out as quickly as we could.

Thankfully, the inside of mom's house stayed dry, but the mill house and the land was significantly damaged by the water. Now that the waters have receded, the cost of a disaster like this is being realized. Flood insurance is not offered in the state of Alabama. I'm asking you to consider helping with the cost of restoring what mom lost on Christmas Day. There are so many people needing help during the storms and floods we've experienced this week. Every gift means the world to us and to anyone who is experiencing loss like this right now. 

Everything that is raised will be used to cover the expense of removing the water from the mill house, replacing the appliances that were lost to the flood, and the erosion caused by the force of the water. If 400 people were able to give $25, the expenses would be completely covered. Thank you so much for every single gift and every prayer. We so appreciate your prayer and support.

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