Save Irina from cancer in Ukraine

Save Irina from cancer in Ukraine

From Mariia Kryvokhat

My friend Irina has been fighting breast cancer. Pertuzumab could radically change Irina's health for the better (st.4+metastases in the spine). And this is a guarantee that the tumor will not metastasize to the brain.

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My friend Irina has been fighting breast cancer.

To say it costs a lot in Ukraine is an understatement: horrible times of war brought social crisis:

  • Many people lose their jobs, and thus, collecting money for treatment became almost impossible.
  • Medicine logistic chains were interrupted, so the price of medical treatment increased because of the shortage of medicines.

Every medication for chemo costs few thousand dollars and it’s getting harder to find.

Only 2 cities in Ukraine had the medications needed, so every three weeks Irina with her husband had to leave their small daughter and drive to another city (Zaporizhzha) to get the chemotherapy done. Also, they weekly go to Dnipro's hospital for examinations and analyses. The long road is very stressful for the suffering body.

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Medical documents

Attaching Irina's medical document here.

To make a long story short

One day, Iryna wrote me:"4-th year breast cancer... 13-th chemotherapy...14-th targeted therapy...16-th month lymphedema...2-nd hair loss & 5 CT scans in a year...COVID19... moving to another city for the treatment...War in Ukraine...To say I'm tired is to say nothing...My road to recovery is not an easy one. But I'm holding on! I'm on my way to recovery! Because there is something to live for and there is someone to live for - my small daughter ❤️"

Irina continues treatment in 2 cities: 

  • Dnipro city - chemotherapy,
  • Zaporizhzhia city - targeted therapy (because Trastuzumab has ended in Dnipro).

Treatment & costs

We are raising money for treatment because Irina's family is mentally and financially exhausted. Financial help is crucial for:

  • Medical examinations & tests
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy: here, Irina needs of very expensive Pertuzumab. The full course costs $ 8608 and includes 1 procedure (loading dose) = $ 3361 and 3 following procedures x $ 1749 = $5247 Her doctor said Pertuzumab could radically change Irina's health for the better (stage 4 with metastases in the spine). And this is a guarantee that the tumor will not metastasize to the brain. The recommended medicine with Pertuzumab is produced by "Roche" company: ideally - "Phesgo"; as an option - "Perjeta."
  • Concomitant therapy
  • Immunomodulators
  • Stomatology expenses because my teeth were affected by chemotherapy
  • Treatment of hand lymphostasis
  • Preparing for breast surgery (doctors suggested Irina may need it but the final solution will be based on test results)

The approximate total is 20 000 $

Risks & Challenges

The main risks now are: 

  • Prevent metastasizing to the brain tumor;
  • Restore health because chemotherapy affects all organs, and every targeted therapy may result in a heart attack.
  • Save life because cancer is unpredictable: because of aggressive cancer treatment, organs may fail one by one - we need to prevent this by consuming high-quality medicine (with Pertuzumab);
  • Lack of money. The good news is medical results in May 2022 were good, and we see that treatment helps, and we need to raise the needed money to continue.

How to help

You can support Irina in the following ways:

Sharing this post over any social media




UAH card: 5375 4115 0304 8592 (DVORNICHENKO IRINA) or

USD card: 5375 4188 0891 5912 (DVORNICHENKO IRINA)

EUR card: 5375 4199 0658 5664 (DVORNICHENKO IRINA)

Western Union/MoneyGram: DVORNICHENKO IRINA, UKRAINE (the code and amount of the transfer can be sent to in a private message). 


Bitcoin (ВТС): bc1q7uxq8cp4v3czxs6h005qhmr9uttxs4xynsvctkEthereum(ETH): 0xcFC5B8020371bD43bCa411Ee9731E69a89F420D1

Writing in the comments names or websites of:

  • crowdfunding platforms or charity funds that help cancer survivors;
  • medical organizations or volunteers who can send Pertuzumab.

Any help is extremely appreciated!


Your support will help us to buy essential medicine and provide supportive medical conditions for treatment. Every dollar matters. Who knows, donating one-lunch amount by a group of people may buy a life. And the happiness of Irina's family. Grateful for any support! ❤️

Irina's full story

"Here is my story, which has been going on for 4 years now. I think it will be useful for many to know – both women and men – this disease does not choose either gender, age, or nationality...

Like many people, I never thought that this could happen to me. And when my chest hurt, I could not even think that it could be cancer. Moreover, according to the widespread opinion, "cancer is asymptomatic, it does not hurt." As it turned out later, there are different types of cancer, and some of them "make themselves felt" at the very beginning of the disease.

Very important is that doctors examine a person correctly and diagnose cancer in time, at the beginning of the disease.

It didn't happen to me, unfortunately.

Having done an ultrasound, I went to see a mammologist, who sent me home with the words: "If it's inflammation, then it will go away by itself. If it doesn't go away, then come back in a week." It didn't stop. I came back for an appointment. The doctor diagnosed her with an inflammation infiltrate of the mammary gland and prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics didn't help. My husband and I decided that it was worth going to another mammologist and doing additional examinations, especially since we were recommended to apply to the Head of Department of Precancerous Pathologies of Mammary Glands in the oncology center.

A mammogram was done. The mammologist took a puncture (not under ultrasound control). Based on the results of all examinations, he diagnosed an "inflammation in the mammary gland," and prescribed compresses and other antibiotics. Nothing helped. The third mammologist diagnosed "granulomatous mastitis" and prescribed antibiotics again. I note that these were mammologists, who are considered among the best in the city where we lived then.

And only after 8 months from the onset of the disease, they took a puncture under ultrasound control. Cancer was diagnosed. Computed tomography confirmed the diagnosis. It was already stage 3.

When I heard the diagnosis, I, like all ordinary people, was very scared. And, realizing that for 8 months I had been examined incorrectly and prescribed the wrong treatment, I was sure that it could also be further: wrong chemotherapy, wrong operation – and all this can lead to very sad consequences, and I have a little daughter – I need to live!

The doctor said that a trephine biopsy should be done, and, as many people know, if the tumor is touched, it begins to grow very actively. And people sometimes "burn out" in a couple of months or even weeks. This thought flashed through my mind. And the words of the mammologist: "When should we do this damn biopsy?" finally influenced my decision – never to return to the oncology center.

It's been 1 year and 3 months...

I will tell you what I have been doing all this time, as many of you may immediately think: “In this case, you should start drinking herbs,” “hemlock removes cancer,” “you need to drink soda” or “you need to inject soda,” and also “you can’t eat meat,” “you need to go on a raw food diet,” “you can’t eat sugar so as not to feed the tumor” (I experienced this by myself - I didn’t eat sugar, sweets for a long time), “there’s just not enough vitamins D and C in the body,” “the body is clogged, you need to drink antioxidants,” etc.

I used to think the same. Also, chemotherapy only kills. Therefore, since the day I was diagnosed, I have read a huge number of books on psychosomatics, and worked with the subconscious and others. I watched a lot of films and videos on alternative medicine. I tried almost everything: veganism, vitamin therapy (vitamins + minerals + antioxidants), fungotherapy, homeopathy, bio-resonance therapy, consultations with psychosomatologists, hemlock, aconite, herbal preparations, detoxifiers, blue clay, and more. I didn’t pickle only squirrels in 3-liter jars))) – yes, it turned out people do this also, as my oncologist-chemotherapist said. And then, they get to them in the chemotherapy department.

Doctors categorically call everything that I have listed above self-medication. I would not call it that, because I turned to alternative medicine specialists, and did not prescribe myself the dosage of this or that drug, collection, etc. But the most interesting point here is that when these specialists understood that the treatment regimen they proposed did not help me, they immediately asked: "Why don't you go to the hospital? For surgery, chemotherapy?" A strange question for a person involved in alternative medicine. Actually, I turned to them to avoid chemotherapy and surgery.

Throughout my alternative medicine treatment, I did blood tests, which, oddly enough, were excellent. Also, my husband and I went to surgeons who could not explain why I had such good tests, and why I was still alive, and they all said only one thing: "Cutting everything off is the only option." Therefore, I continued to believe that alternative medicine would help me.

9 months after the diagnosis, I was already on painkillers. A few months later, I went for a trephine biopsy and computed tomography. The results of the examination showed that I have invasive breast carcinoma of a non-specific type, stage 4 with metastases in the spine.

As the doctor later found out when viewing a disk from a CT scan (in the diagnostic center at the hospital where I am currently undergoing treatment), in the medical center of the city where we used to live, they also gave me an incorrect description – they didn’t write that there were metastases even then.

Even before the results of the biopsy, we began to look for where and with whom I would undergo chemotherapy. Deal. And when the biopsy results arrived, we were told that we could sign up for a consultation only in a week (although, we had already agreed on treatment immediately after we learned the results of the biopsy), and the treatment would be even later. We couldn't wait any longer, I was already in a terrible condition. For 4 months I didn’t walk, I didn’t cook, I couldn’t do anything around the house, I was bedridden...

This was the "last straw" concerning doctors and treatment in the city where we used to live before.

We started looking for alternatives. Literally in one day, the issue of my treatment in another city was resolved. The doctors said that we could come, and the treatment would begin immediately. In the evening we were already traveling with the whole family on the train. Early in the morning, having met from the train, my husband's friend brought us immediately to the hospital. I went through an additional examination and started treatment already in the afternoon.

Now I am seeing a wonderfully experienced doctor, who is interested in my recovery, selects different treatment options, and does not insist from the very first day: "Everything needs to be cut off!"

The last year I’ve completed:

  • 13 chemotherapy courses (which got me back on my feet)
  • 15 targeted therapy
  • 5 CT scans

I need to go through:

  • 1 more chemotherapy
  • 2 targeted therapies with Trastuzumab
  • 4 target therapies with Pertuzumab (when we collect money for Pertuzumab)
  • treatment with Ibandronic acid (for 1 year) for bones

Additionally needed

  • Restorative therapy is required: body support after chemotherapy,
  • Treatment of hand lymphostasis

As of 12 May 2022:

  • They did an ultrasound of my heart and computed tomography.
  • The results are very good! There has been a progressive leap in treatment. The treatment is very helpful.
  • The arm is recovering (lymphostasis). I hope I wouldn't have to do a lymph node transplant.
  • The need for surgery and radiation therapy will be defined by the results of consultations with specialists. Currently, they are not indicated for treatment (the surgeon said that the operation now can only cause harm: everything will take a long time to heal due to the edematous-inflammatory condition, so for now, only chemotherapy and targeted therapy can be done).

Everyone asked why for so long I said nothing to anyone. Because when you hear "You have cancer," you don't want to tell the whole world about it. The silent scream "Why me?" was loud, but the desire to tell everyone "Look at me, I have cancer!" did not exist. And even more, when you are used to resolving all life's difficulties by yourself but not asking for help from others...

After moving to another city, some time, my husband and I could pay for the treatment ourselves, still, since he had to start his work from the very beginning, the financial situation became more and more difficult. Before, he had regular customers, networked over the years.

For a long time, I could not mentally set myself up to tell someone about our situation, and putting up a post on social networks was generally something unimaginable. But then I returned to the words that a wise man once said to me: "By helping ourselves, we help others and, conversely, by helping others, we help ourselves!" and yet I decided to put a post on social networks, hoping that my story will be helpful for someone and maybe someone would want to help me.

Many people know me as a cheerful and optimistic person. I still do not lose my positive spirit, do not give up, and hope only for the best. I am set for a full recovery, because, as it turned out, even the 4-th stage of cancer with metastases can be treated. Although you will rarely hear or see (in public sources) information that someone has cured this disease. Basically, even in all movies and TV shows, the person who finds out they have cancer immediately prepares for death. I think this is fundamentally wrong. As you set yourself up, so be it!

By the way, 7 months after the diagnosis, my husband admitted that the mammologist told him then "She had to live 3-4 months maximum!". Almost 2,5 years have passed since then. Therefore, do never believe the terrible forecasts of doctors. Never give up and go only ahead, look for your doctor (whether it is related to traditional or alternative medicine) who will be engaged in your recovery!

I reveal no names in order to save someone's rights and interests. And also, I skipped the most terrible, painful, and unpleasant situations in my story, since there are many children hanging over the Internet who shouldn’t know creepy details.

Disclaimer: with my story, I do not want to dissuade someone from alternative medicine (maybe, it works for someone who finds the proper specialist leading to a full recovery, but in my case, this did not happen, unfortunately).

Everyone chooses their own path deciding personally what is acceptable or not. What exactly I want to "convey" to each of you – we do a lot in our life simply from ignorance of something. Try to look at any situation from different angles, do not be afraid of anything, and most importantly – do not "reinvent the wheel."

Perhaps some of you have questions, including alternative medicine methods. Or maybe someone is afraid to go to the doctor or for a medical examination. Write to me, I would be happy to answer your questions and share my experience.

I am very grateful to those who have already helped and those who are going to do so.

Thanks for your heart-warming support and kind words!

Wishing you and your families health and happiness❤️"

With optimism,


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