We are raising money for My sister, Hanna Manalang was diagnosed with Stage 2b Cervical Cancer this January 2020.  She is a 36 years old single mom with 3 children ages 17, 9, and 2 who work as a Cashier. Thank you!

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SAVE BABY HAROLD'S MOM in her fight against Cancer

My sister, Hanna Manalang was diagnosed with Stage 2b Cervical Cancer this January 2020.  She is normally a very healthy woman who is very picky about the foods she eats mostly a lot of vegetables and little meat. But, after giving birth to her 3rd child,  She started to experience continuous bleeding, painful urination, weaknesses, and lightheartedness all the time.  She thought that she was just stressed and tired from work. But, the diagnosis presented to her was shocking and unexpected.

She is a 36 years old single mom with 3 children ages 17, 9, and 2 who work as a Cashier. The children’s father is no-where to be found to support and guide them. Hanna is a young lady with a beautiful soul enjoying every available moment of life with her children who love and need her every day of their lives. She is a strong, beautiful, and funny person that you can get along well with.  Her hobby is singing, dancing and cooking.  She is the second oldest to her five siblings. Raising her children on her own and receiving assistance from us is very challenging. Since all of the siblings have their own family with children and monthly bills to pay as well to survive every day. Therefore, loving and trusting God and being strong in this life is her weapon to survive.For her, living in the Philippines is very hard even though you are a very hardworking woman because the opportunities are limited there. That is why for many people, going abroad is a way to survive the hardships and save more money for their daily needs.  Unfortunately, working abroad is not an option available to her.

Every day she will wake up to go work and care for her children. She loves her job since it is the only way for her to earn.  She is a cashier at a small restaurant and earns just little to feed the whole family.  Sending her children to school is hard as well, having a deficient budget combining the expenses of her and food every-day, electricity bills, and water bills. Since she was diagnosed with 2b Cervical Cancer, she now needs to undergo a lot of chemotherapy and radiation treatment ( Cisplatin plus miscellaneous, Pelvic EBRT By LINAC, Vaginal Brachytherapy and CT Planning with oral medications and a strict diet to follow from her doctors. We are struggling to pay her expenses, and it is very hard realizing that we are out of money since we have already sold my Mom house just to provide her. 

Due to her illness, she has had to stop working and not able to provide for her children. They need Basic needs, payment for her treatment, and hospitalization including doctor's fees, medications, etc.  Stress and Illness are defeating her and us because is she worried about for her babies, but we believe God still has a plan for her life even though it is unknown for now to think.Help us SAVE my sister from cancer to continue being there for her children. They need her because, she acts like both parents, a mother and a father, a provider, and a guide to them until they grow old. We can’t think of anything worse than her being sick with this life-threatening disease.

To all of you reading this, Kindly and Please, we need your support, help, and assistance to save our beautiful, loving, and sweet sister Hanna. SAVE BABY Harold, Eloi and Princess MOM against Cancer, SAVE HANNA against Cancer, and Save her children's lives to spend more years with her.  God bless you all! #SAVE BABY HAROLD'S MOM in her fight against Cancer

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