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From Alpacas Vinchos

I would like to help Vinchos to save their Alpacas, from starvation and freezing. The change on weather is taking their life away. With your help food and shelter would be provide for the Alpacas, who die every year.

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Vinchos is located at 15000 feet of altitude, in Ayacucho, Peru. The change in weather which has now freezing temperatures, and dry outs never seen before. The communities are conformed by 20 families that live in houses made of rocks, that do not have insulation, heat, water. Their alpacas do not have shelters, when it rains they get wet, when there is hail, some of them die, especially the crias the baby alpacas. When it is freezing also the most vulnerable are the crias and the pregnant alpacas.The high altitude does not allow to grow grass that can be saved for winter.The only grass that grows is the natural Andean grass that dies with cold temperatures. In the year of 2018 180000 alpacas died, only in Ayacucho.

Once a year they sell their alpaca fiber, but because they live so far away also, they do not own vehicles to take the fiber to markets. They have to sell it to intermediaries who pay little money. This is the reason why they are unable to do it on their own.

With your help a green house and a pond will be built, so they can grow grass that will be save it for the  winter. Also shelters for the alpacas will be built which will keep alpacas and crias warm, and safe from rain and hail and freezing temperatures.

Together with the support of the College Students of Vinchos ADIJOVI, who provide training, capitation and technical support to the communities.

Your help is very important, the communities are ready to work. Only they need a little of your help, so they can protect and save their alpacas.

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