Save a Teacher to light up the Community

Save a Teacher to light up the Community

From Mohamed Uzaifa

I'm raising money for A great teacher.please support my campaign to follow the progress and share with your friend!

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Khaled Ahmed Sir is a gifted, kind, prudent and very talented man. He played a pivotal role in the war to enlighten society.

Balaganj is a poor area in a rural area of ​​Bangladesh. There is only one school for more than a hundred families, but the non-gov. Khaled Ahmed Sir is a teacher of that school

Due to my grandparents being in Bangladesh, I have visited Bangladesh many times. Last 2017 when I went to Bangladesh, One day I went to visit that school with my uncle. There we met a golden man Khaled Ahmed Sir.

In a very short time that day, Khaled Ahmed Sir took the place in my heart with his generosity and friendly demeanour. We too were fascinated by his hospitality.

This 44-year-old great man has been working as an assistant teacher in the school for 18 consecutive years without getting paid properly.

In June 2019 in a road accident, Sir suffered a major head injury and was released from the hospital after being under treatment for about a month and a half. Despite many restrictions of doctors, this great man went out the next day to find out about his favourite school, later times, it can be seen that Sir often got short of breath while teaching in class so the students would pass a glass of water to him. Even though it was a poor area, the poor students of the school raised money and sent Sir to the doctor a few times.

A few days later, the world faced a terrible new epidemic of Covid-19.Since then, the school has been closed.

One day a month ago, when Sir's condition suddenly got worse, he was readmitted to the hospital. After many tests, the specialist doctors discovered that Sir was suffering from a brain tumour


On the one hand, epidemic Kovid-19, on the other hand, all kinds of salaries and allowances are also closed due to the closure of schools.

At present, Sir's medical activities are completely shut down where he has to fight to survive. Meanwhile, the doctors have fixed the time for the operation within a month. Six days have already passed between them.

One day last week, after receiving a phone call from Bangladesh, I came to know about Sir's current condition and the doctor's instructional warning. Immediately after that, I talked to Sir directly on the phone. At one point in the conversation, I burst into tears. Believe me, I couldn't sleep a drop that night.

There is no one in the family except Sir's two young daughters and wife.

We have only one week in hand.

We need only 10,000 £

Teachers are in everyone's life who sacrifice their lives in the struggle to enlighten the society without any exchange.

We are still fighting against Covid-19, so let's try and see if a soul can be won in the battle of life to continue a great work like education!

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