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From Philip Mathew

I am raising this money on behalf of my missionary organization-Global Glorious Missions Interdenominational. The fund will go to paying missionaries' allowances and giving educational scholarship to their children.

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The Global Glorious Missions (aka Glorious Missions) is an indigenous, cultural and cross-cultural mission agency. Founded in May 2004, the ministry has membership cutting across denominational divides and is open to as many who are mission minded and those who desire to do so, as well as to new converts who desire to have strong footing in the faith. The agency is faith based, run on donations/sacrificial seed from partners/friends, comprising individual Christians, Churches, Organizations and agencies with passion for missions.

The ministry is currently working in a number of fields in Northern Nigeria-among the Gbagyi, Dukawa, Kambari, and Hausa people groups of Kaduna and Niger States. Recently, the Lord is helping us to pioneer fresh works in Kano, Niger/Kebbi, and Taraba States, as well as in Niger Republic. Our vision is to raise Kingdom minded believers that will win their generation for Christ; and with a mission to reach and disciple the nations through the power of the Holy Spirit holistically. It is with these in focus that we organize outreaches to the hinterlands where we engage them with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The report you are about to read is the aftermath of the outreach we embarked during the Christmas period, 24 - 28 December, 2018. This has been a norm since the inauguration of the ministry in 2004.

Please, take a journey with us through the report with open mind, allowing God to stir in you the desire to join hands with us in finishing the task left to us by our Great Master and King, Jesus Christ. With Jesus joy therefore, we present to you the summarized report of the 2018 Christmas Outreach.


The 2018 Christmas outreaches might have come and gone, but the effect will be with us for as long as we live in this side of eternity. The Joys we experienced in ushering in men and women who were hitherto estranged from our heavenly father’s love to now becoming sons and daughters and fellow heirs with Christ cannot be quantified. But in all of these, we are not losing focus of the fact that God has done all and only Him deserves all our praise.

We saw God in very mighty ways and indeed it was Open heavens for us as a ministry in consistence with our ministry focus for the year, “Open Heaven, 2018”! He indeed glorified Himself in diverse ways and we are very confident that He will yet glorify Himself much more in this year that is christened “Divine Enlargement, 2019”.

Coverage:  52 fields were visited spanning across 5 people groups of Gbagyi, Dukawa, Kambari, Lopawa and Hausa. The fields are located in Niger, Kaduna, Kano and Kebbi States of Nigeria, as well as in Niger Republic.

Number of people who were part of the outreach: 175

Total number of converts won to Christ: 541 souls

Number of rededications: 65 recorded, while many were not recorded

Holy Ghost Baptism: 31 persons

Highlight of other Endeavors carried out: Personal Devotions, General Devotions, Outreaches/Evangelism to different villages/towns, Medical Treatments, Crusades, Intercessory prayers, Teachings, Counseling sessions, Seminars, dedications of babies, etc.

General Needs in the Mission fields: Church Auditoriums, Resident Missionaries, Mission houses for the missionaries, Schools, Clinics, Clean Water (boreholes), motorcycles, public address systems, etc.

Challenges faced by the teams on the Outreach:

              i.      Inadequate vehicles to transport the people

            ii.      The available vehicles were faulty, and almost all teams experience this problem

          iii.      Late departure from the Headquarter in Kaduna which resulted to some of the teams spending the night on the way.

          iv.      Many in the teams were either not able to communicate the gospel in Hausa language, or the target people could not understand Hausa themselves.


1.      Niger Republic:

Praise the Lord! We give God the glory for the awesome testimonies He gave us in this year’s outreach. Our team which comprises of six persons including the General Coordinator set out for Niger Republic in the early hours of Monday 24 December, 2018. When we reached Zaria, Kaduna State, one of us requested that we stopped for him to look for a convenience. While we were waiting for him to finish, a Hausa young man approached one of us asking for a lift to Niger Republic. According to him, he left his native village in their country to seek for a greener pasture in Jos, Nigeria. He has not reached a month when the news about his father’s death came suddenly. Bewildered, and without any money to go back home, and since it was inevitable for him to go home, he got a lift from a postal truck to Zaria, and hence set his face towards Niger by trekking.

Having seen us standing, he decided to try his luck by asking for a lift and we obliged. When we reached Katsina, we stopped to eat. Initially, he stayed back, but we called him, asked him to order for food which we paid for. We showed no disparity between us and him. On reaching Niger, he offered to follow us to our destination. He did what we were doing all along, even distributing tracts cheerfully. Don’t forget, we deliberately did not preach to him, but decided to live the Christian life as we were called to do. The next day, he offered to give his life to Christ and we led him through the sinners’ prayer. When asked by one of us on why he decided to give his life to Christ, he stated that the love we showed him even when we knew him not from Adam was enough reason to attest to the fact that Christianity is the true faith and he was joyful. He tarried with us for some days after which we gave him an equivalent value of 6,500 Nigerian Naira for his transport to and fro. He needed to come back because we made arrangement for him to meet our host pastor in Niger who runs a discipleship center for new converts for him to be properly discipled. We changed his name from Sani Dauda to Andrew Dauda which is prophetic-hoping and praying that he will bring many to Christ like the biblical Andrew, a disciple of Jesus Christ.   

Bro. David Mifson

Mission Church, Gonin Gora

2.      Yanka Field:

To the glory of God, when we arrived the village which is located in Shiroro LGA of Niger State, we were received by the resident Missionary, Pastor Jerry Ishaya. He showed us two persons in the village who blatantly refused to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. One is the Witch doctor of the place, while the other is the one who always act as the Masquerade. As we set out for personal evangelism, we met the Witch doctor on the way and told him that we are going to his house, and he will have to accompany us. He did. We told him that today is his day and that the Lord Jesus Christ is calling him now. He responded that he has given us his wife, all his children, daughters-in-laws and all his grandchildren. But we insisted that that was not enough, his life matters to God as well.

We commanded him to go inside and bring all his charms, and he obeyed. He went right inside the house and brought the charms, but we sensed that those were not all. Hence, we insisted that he go and bring the rest and he did. When one of us wanted to touch the charms, he threatened that if he dares it, the hand of the brother will hang up. The group leader dared him to speak to his charm, and that if he touched the charm, let his hands hang which he replied that he is not referring to him. Our leader then placed his hands on the charms, praying in tongues and rendering them powerless. Afterwards, he placed his hands on the witch doctor and prayed for him and the man kept crying bitterly through the prayer session to the extent that the wife was begging us to leave him. We led him to Christ, and submitted the charms to the resident missionary to be burnt.  All these happened to the glory of God.

Bro. Adams James

Mission Church, Gonin Gora

3.      Miraculous Conceptions in Nauna Field

I was among the team that went to Nauna, Gbagyi field of Niger State where Pastor Isaiah Bawa and his wife are serving as missionaries. The wife, a trained medical person is spearheading the medical arm of the ministry in that axis, as such; she has access to all kinds of people, even Muslims. While there, I saw a Fulani woman (name withheld) in the house and upon enquiry about her, the missionary’s wife (Sister Mary Bawa) gave me a glorious testimony about the woman. She (the woman) came to her few months earlier for medical check because she was barren. This offered our sister the needed entry point to share Jesus with her. She boldly declared that the case is small for Jesus to handle, but the challenge is the need for her to receive Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

After further sharing, the woman gladly agreed to receive Christ and was led through the sinners’ prayer by our sister. She begged our sister to keep it a secret as any knowledge by outsiders could get to the hearing of her husband and the penalty will be grievous for her. She was enrolled in a secret discipleship with our missionaries. This takes place once a week. At the time I saw her, she was already two months pregnant, to the glory of God. She further testified that after she gave her life to Christ, her cow milk sales became unprecedented, beyond what she ever seen before. Upon hearing this, we glorified God together and were encouraged in the work to do more to His glory.

As an additional testimony; on another occasion, the village chief of Alei, also one of our Gbagyi field of Shiroro LGA of Niger State (one of the fields I served) referred a Fulani woman to me. They had to travel all the way to meet me in Kaduna with one of our converts in the area. She also had challenge with conception. God helped me to minister to her total man, and glory be to God, today she gave birth to a bouncing baby. Her joy knows no bound that she gave the convert who brought her to our place in Kaduna a Ram as appreciation. All these happened through the outstretched arm of God over us in the commission. Praise the Lord!

Pastor John Ajaga: Mission Director


Among the many needs in the ministry, the following require urgent attention, and we are soliciting support from well-meaning individual Christians, churches and other organizations to join hands with us in reaching the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The new fields and the needs are mentioned below:


Name of Field: Lopawa: found in Kebbi and Niger States. They are Unengaged Unreached People Group. They are basically animist and Muslims, there was an initial resistance but God used the medical approach to open them up for the gospel. We adopted the Lopawa people group (the only unreached, unengaged people group in Nigeria) last year, and during the outreach, we invaded the area with the following testimonies:

Stage of Work: Pioneering Stage

Resident Missionary: None


              i.      41 persons gave their lives to Christ.

            ii.      Five people with various ailments were prayed for.

          iii.      About 72 persons were attended to medically in spite of shortage of drugs, many of whom testified that they were healed.

          iv.      Five Igbo families were willing and available to serve as a gateway to starting a church in the field to God’s glory.

            v.      We thank God for the hospitality shown us by the people of Maisamari where we based.

          vi.      We saw God at work in every place we went.

        vii.      We thank God for souls won and seeds sown.

Urgent Needs:

        i.            There is need for reliable missionaries and funds to pay missionaries’ allowance.

      ii.            Medical Follow-up to the Field: February or March (Actual date not yet set). This will cost ₦500,000

    iii.            Search for land to begin the work will start as soon as we go for the follow-up. The land is estimated to cost ₦200,000

    iv.            A church building will begin immediately and estimated to cost ₦1,500,000

      v.            A Mission Base (missionary’s Quarters) to be built with an estimated cost of ₦1,500,000

    vi.            Total cost for the proposed project is therefore ₦3,200,000.

Preparation is on top gear: we are praying and believing God for resources.

1.      Name of Field: Gidan Nagoje, Kano State.

Stage of Work: Pioneering Stage

Resident Missionary: Pastor Emmanuel James


              i.       62 persons gave their lives to Christ

            ii.       11 others rededicated their lives to Christ

          iii.       Healings and deliverances from demonic operations.

Urgent Needs:

              i.      There is need for reliable missionaries and funds to pay missionaries’ allowance.

            ii.      A church building to cost ₦500,000

          iii.      Missionary quarters to house the missionary recently posted there with his family. This will cost ₦400,000

          iv.      A good Motorcycle for the missionary to cost ₦250,000

            v.      Materials for adult literacy classes.

          vi.      A school building


2.      Name of Field: Tashan Kalgo, Niger Republic

Stage of Work: Pioneering stage

Resident Missionary: None


                 i.   17 persons gave their lives to Christ, one of whose name was changed from Sani Dauda to Andrew Dauda

               ii.   A land was provided for church to be built at Tashan Kalgo

             iii.   There is a great desire by the people for a church to be sited in the area, hence the donation of the land.

Urgent Needs:

1.      A resident missionary is needed to conserve the harvest of souls through discipleship

2.      The need for a church auditorium at Tashan Kalgo. This will cost ₦600,000

3.      Missionary quarters to house the missionary to be sent. This will cost ₦400,000



While we are still glad that God has used us to bring glory to His name through soul winning to His Kingdom through the outreach, we are also not oblivious of the fact that this presents an onerous responsibility on us to ensuring that the souls abide in Christ. We therefore need to pray more and visit the fields more in order to encourage the brethren in their faith. It is a task that must be done if we are not going to find ourselves in a vicious cycle of conversion and reconversion whenever we go to the field. On behalf of the Lord of the harvest, we are very grateful to all our kingdom partnerships; it is indeed a great encouragement to us. There are more lands to conquer because the harvest is truly plentiful. Thanks and God bless.

For enquiry and/or support, please call or contact us on the address below:

P.O.Box 3903

Romi, Kaduna

Postal Code: 800001



Phone: 08057447208, 07039608889, 08022517131


You can send your Kingdom seed through:


Account Name: Glorious Missions

Bank: UBA Plc

Account Number: 2037439347


Account Name: Glorious Missions

Bank: FCMB

Account Number: 1399787010



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