Save a gay boy life

Save a gay boy life

From Omer Yorogoye

I am raising money for my education. Being 25 years old gay boy I have lived my life in anti-gay country and suppressed my feelings to the point where I can no longer live a contained life.

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Hello, I am 25 years old boy and like all of us, I have my story to tell. My story starts 25 years back when I was born and raised in middle-class family with 4 siblings. Everything in beginning was good, I was the youngest in my family, everyone loved me. Things started to change when I started to realize that I have feelings for same-sex. In the beginning I did not know what it was. The love of my family and friends started to fade away and turned into complaining like "You have a weird voice, your voice is very girlish, your hands movements is strange etc". It took me like forever to understand me what was wrong with me but i could not figure it out. To blend in, I tried to become the way they wanted me to be.I tried to kill my inner-self just to be able to be acceptable by the society. I though to myself, everything will be fine once I change myself so I suppressed my feelings but I was wrong, trust me I was so wrong. Slowly and gradually, my feelings and emotions piled up to the size of mountain and  reached a point in life where I could no longer live a contained life. I thought to myself, this must change now, but what could I do ? I am in Pakistan, anti-gay country where there is no gay life, threats from extreme groups and the punishment is simply the death. The only option was move to a gay-friendly country and education was easiest the way. My life was already devastated, I was already losing it but in all the unfavorable circumstances I collected my courage and decided to take steps to change my life for the one last time.

I graduated in Software Engineering with Honors with the CGPA of 3.81 out 4.00. Then I started job and at the same time prepared for my English proficiency exam IELTS. I took my IELTS exam and my score is 7.0. Then I applied to a Masters program in University of Edinburgh. I put all of my efforts in my application because I knew this was the only and last option for me. Luckily enough, my application was accepted and I have been offered a place to the Masters degree. It made me so excited and hope is produced that Yes I can still live my life, this time of misery will finally be over. Now i have to pay my fee which I cannot afford on my own and this is where I need YOU. I need you just because I want to live, I don't want to die. Its not a very big amount and your small contributions can lead to save my life because I have been exhausted. I have lived 25 years of my life killing my inner-self. I don't know how much I am left and I see this my last opportunity. I am optimistic that 7 billion people out there will step up to help me. i am waiting for your responses. I have to reply to the university before August 01, 2019 so I have hardly 20 days left but I am optimistic. I can provide you all the documents to prove authenticity. I hope that you will understand my situation and please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your time. 

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