Save a Family from Homelessness

Save a Family from Homelessness

From Caitlin Murphy

This fundraiser will go directly towards helping a family get back on their feet. Every donation will be spent to keep a roof over our children's heads.

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Our Story starts about a year ago, my husband took a bad fall while on the job. He is a union carpenter and has basically been our sole source of income. Also about a year ago I gained employment myself BUT I make minimum wage and have to have flexible schedules because I take care of two boys. If my children are sick I'm the one that stays home. Since my husband has been home hurt he has taken over on these types of occasions but I still am not able to work enough hours to get enough to cover our necessities for a month. Rent, utilities, food, kids... it all adds up. We have exhausted all resources of financial help from asking family to going to state reps and applying for food stamps. It has been a rough year. 

We moved into our home 3 years ago. It was our come up! We were able to move our children out of a neighborhood we weren't fond of and found a super nice block with neighbors and friends in another r neighborhood where I actually grew up. It has been amazing raising my children in my home hood. We were stable and secure. Then my husband fell. Tore up his left knee and Hip resulting in multiple surgeries. First surgery The Doctor messed up and caused  a long painful year of fighting to have health benefits and compensation. Lawyers, court hearings, doctors appointments.. it's always something. While all this has been going on we have fallen behind on our rent and bills. Trying to keep up has taking our stress levels to the max. 

The week before Christmas we were served an eviction notice. We are now living on borrowed time. Praying every single day that we don't get that knock on the door telling us our times up. Did I mention our two boys. Ages 11 and 5. My husband and I have done everything we can for the last 12 years to provide  a safe and stable home for our children. It hurts in a totally different way when your failing your kids. 

This is very out of our element. We are hard working people. Doing whatever jobs we can to make any amount of dollars. But  we need more funds and fast.  This is our truth. Putting myself out there hoping maybe somewhere someone would be able to help a small amount. There are many shoulda coulda wouldas going through our heads but we can only accept what is and keep moving forward.  If you read this far, Thankyou. 

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