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I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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  • Goal: to complete 11th 12th Mathematics (1200+ videos) before January 2021. 
    • Funds will be used: to set up a permanent mini-studio, hire an editor & create textual content.  

      • I'm raising funds to enable millions of students to learn and grow. Almost everyone has access to the internet and it can be used to transform education in India. However, most of the good quality educational content available right now is in English. People in rural areas either speak their native language or Hindi, but not English and that defeats the purpose. Learning English is important but it should not become a hurdle in education. That’s why I am creating world-class content in vernacular languages starting with Hindi.

      How is it different?

      I'm not recording my classroom teaching on a fancy digital-board and putting it on youtube. In fact, I don't teach in any classroom or coaching institute. I want to truly leverage the power of the audio-visual medium. And that's why I'm making well scripted and edited videos in full HD resolution with colourful white-board and crystal clear audio. Everything is covered from basic concepts to thought-provoking, olympiad level examples. I also provide beautiful, hand-made notes with practice problems in a mobile-screen friendly downloadable PDF format. And everything is for free on Youtube, for everyone. 

      Access to education is a major concern in rural Indian schools. Issue of quality of teaching is far powerful than poverty. Video-based learning can bring top-class education to every single village. My videos are thoughtfully designed to fill this gap. Video lengths are suitable for classroom playback, language is clean, all relevant experiments are demonstrated and practice problems are provided with every video. If you want, even you can set up your own classroom for students in your area with just a TV & internet. 

      I'm already making such videos part-time on my own. Scripting, shooting & editing alone takes a lot of time. But I will not stop. And I want to dedicate my full time in creating an impact. A few more helping hands to edit will also significantly increase the video production speed. And that's why I need your support.

      I believe even this is not enough. Our students need a lot more for their all-round development. How about a science show focused on our real-world problems, a history show to know more about our roots, a travel show to understand different cultures, shows on art & craft, sports, entrepreneurship and the list goes on. Covering just the textbook subjects of all classes will not be enough. 

      The first step has been taken. Please support me to gain momentum.

      Your impact will last forever.

      You will change multiple lives for many generations to come. Your donation will help me reach more children and transform their lives. And if you can't donate, support us in your own ways. Suggest us to make it even better. Or share it with students in your area so that they can benefit from some of our already live content. Every contribution will lead to the best that is yet to come.

      I am Satya Prakash, a filmmaker based out of Muthura. I have directed numerous music videos, short films, and a few TV commercials. I graduate from Agra university  and I am teaching Mathematics at free feel to education . Join hands to make it even better. 

      Please, donate.

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