Satu Bumi (One Earth)

Satu Bumi (One Earth)

From Allen Reed

We are starting a non-profit organization in Bali, Indonesia to sponsor locals for education around permaculture, sustainability, conservation and natural medicine/healing modalities.

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Satu Bumi - Yayasan(Indonesian Non-profit) 

Satu Bumi means "One Earth" In Indonesian. That is what we have, one earth, one home, shared by all the people in the world. It is our responsibility to look after her, to take care of her, to leave our world better than we found it. We cannot put it off any longer and we can not look the other way and expect someone else to do it for us. 

Satu Bumi is the name we have chosen for our cause, for the non-profit organization we are creating in Indonesia. This name is meant as a reminder that we are all in this together and it's is inevitable that we make the shift to collaboration over competition. It is a reminder that we are not seperate from the natural world around us but a living breathing piece of this great puzzle. 

We are committed to reconnecting people to nature, to sustainable practices, to the regeneration of our planet, to natural medicines, to holistic healing modalities, to community, health, empowerment, and happiness. 

Our main focus areas are...

-Education in the areas of sustainability, permaculture, healing, natural medicine, zero waste, and nature & ocean conservation. 

-Sponsoring locals to take part in courses in these areas. 

-creating fun and inspiring events for children to get them excited about saving the planet and making Indonesia cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable. 

-Helping fund and establish locally owned small sustainable businesses and regenerative farming projects.

With this organization we can... 

-create scholarship programs for education. 

-accept and provide visas for foreign & local volunteers. 

-accept donations from people and businesses all over the world. 

-create jobs for locals. 

-establish a funding pool for sustainable start-ups and regenerative projects. 

-bring in guest speakers and experts in the categories above. 

All donations benefit…

The Earth – by teaching and implementing sustainable practices, regenerative farming, and nature & ocean conservation. 

People – providing education, sharing natural medicine and healing practices, funding regenerative projects and local sustainable businesses. 

The Economy – building a foundation for a sustainable economic model that can spread throughout Indonesia and the world. Providing jobs, education, and funding for small businesses. 

Yourself – As selfless and generous as giving is, it is actually good for you! Boosting your self-image, cultivating self-love, and creating a sense of pride in your ability to support mother earth and the people living here.

Future Generations – Permaculture/sustainability education will teach the future generations a better way to care for it and the rest of the world. Regenerative farming techniques restore the soil and rebuild balanced ecosystems, actually leaving the earth better than we found it. Natural medicine and holistic healing practices help people to not rely so heavily on prescription medicines. Small sustainable businesses help build and stabilize communities and their economies. 

What we have... 

A partner business

***Sustainable Intentions (pt- Present Moment Events) has already agreed to open spaces in their workshops and retreats for sponsored locals to attend and has promised 10% of its profits (on permaculture and sustainability courses) to our cause.


A small but epic team

The founders -

Allen Reed - Permaculture and sustainability specialist. Creator of Sustainable Intentions and the Garden of Abundance. Director of Present Moment Events. 

Sarah Chesnias - Healer and visionary, creator of The Healing Hive, and the driving force behind this non-profit and the epic impact it will have.

The team-

Soma- Local community member, artist, permaculture enthusiast (Will be attending and assisting on courses) and maker of all kinds of natural products on the island. 

Pak Sila - Care taker/steward of the garden. Life-time farmer from Nusa Lembongan.

Dollar- The amazing human being who made "The Garden of Abundance" possible through allowing us to use his land as an example garden of what is possible in Nusa Lembongan using permaculture and regenerative farming practices.

A permaculture garden (The Garden of Abundance) where we grow herbs, medicines, and organic produce and teach workshops and courses. 

What we need... 

Funds to get started

Setting up the Yayasan (non-profit) 

100,000,000 idr ($7500USD) 

+ admin & legal fees ($1500) 

(Once the Yayasan is established this money can go to paying staff, sponsoring locals, and running courses) 

A home base - 

We have an amazing little accommodation picked out with 4 bungalows, kitchen, + work area. 

Cost for 1 year lease 150,000,000 IDR 

($10, 000USD) 

Extra for miscellaneous $1000

So, we are setting our goal at $20, 000 USD

To make it all happen. 

Thank You!!!

               Thank you so much for your support!!! Every single dollar, every like, every share, we are extremely grateful for.  Our goal is $20,000 but every penny counts and we will continue to gather our own abundance and share our own time and energy regardless of how much we raise.

               Keep checking in for updates and progress and don’t forget to follow us on social media to keep up to date on the epic project your donation is supporting.

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