San Juan del Sur Sterilization Campaign

San Juan del Sur Sterilization Campaign

From Delaney Wray Griffin

SOS Animales is raising money to cover the cost of lifesaving sterilization surgeries for over 1500 animals in our community by November 2021.

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SOS Animales officially "opened" November 16, 2020 with the mission of alleviating animal suffering in San Juan del Sur and creating a happier and healthier community. From the very beginning, we knew that the most important thing we could focus on, to end animal suffering in our community, would be to create opportunities for low cost host spay/neuter surgeries. We hosted our first spay/neuter clinic with Aprovet Nicaragua in December, and continued to host mass clinics for 50-70 animals through March. Due to changes in funding, after we opened our veterinary clinic in March, we began to host a smaller, weekly clinic rather than a monthly larger one. We operate on an average of 15-20 animals per week with these smaller initiatives.

In the 6 months since SOS Animales Nicaragua was founded, we have provided life saving spay/neuter surgeries to 384 animals!

In the past month we have began a new initiative: to understand the animal medical history and specific veterinary needs of each of the 14 barrios in San Juan del Sur. To do this, we have been going door to door to collect data on pet sterilization, vaccinations, and preventative care measures. 

From our first month of data collection, we have found that an average of 85% of pets are unsterilized and 70% are unvaccinated. It is our hope that we can take this data to create a better future for animals, neighborhood by neighborhood. 

With this new initiative, we plan to host spay/neuter clinics directly in the barrios to give more animals access to this surgery than ever before. We are excited to be hosting our first ever in-barrio sterilization clinic next Thursday, May 20th in Barrio Carlos Contreras. This barrio is located on the outskirts of San Juan del Sur and the neighborhood is without many resources that many of the barrios in town have. We always notice severe health problems among animals of this barrio, and so, by providing sterilization surgeries for a bulk of the animals there we hope we can bring positive change to many lives. A very special thank you to our new friends at Northwest Dog Project for sponsoring this event and paying for the surgeries of 50 animals. 

We hope to continue to provide these in-barrio sterilization clinics over the next several months. Our goal by November 2021 is to have sterilized 1500 animals in San Juan del Sur. We need your help to reach this goal!

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