Sammy Boy's Medical Bills

Alisha Russell posted a new update:
3 months ago

Update #3


One word that sums up how I'm feeling tonight.

I really wanted to get a quick update out as I feel I owe it to everyone following Sammy's story.

The first 24 hours were...... Interesting.

We all have a new system to learn, but I feel as of tonight we are all getting the hang of it.

Sammy is doing very well moving for what he has been through this week. He is still learning that even though he can walk and move he really can't be running or jumping even though that is what his instincts are telling him.

He ended up back at the vet this morning to replace some staples that had fallen out overnight. We aren't entirely sure HOW they fell out, but we have some sneaky suspicions that I hope we have corrected today. He no longer will be able to wear just the basket mask at night. We switched him to a doughnut and cone. He looks so pitiful in it. Haha! Poor boy.

While there we asked if there was anything we could give him to help with pain as his meds wear off (He is getting meds every 12 hours but by hour 9 he was getting very irritated and grumpy. He would start nipping at us and his surgery spot.) They ended up giving him a long lasting pain med in a shot form. It should last 72 hours which will hopefully help him thru the roughest days. I noticed a huge difference in his attitude all around today, so I think that was a good call on the vets part.

I was up checking him every 2 hours last night making sure he was ok and didn't need to potty. Honestly he did great until about 3-4 am. When my 4 am alarm went of I sat up in bed and shined my light on his bed.... He wasn't in there... I panicked and flew outta bed on the hunt. He had pushed himself off the end of the mattress and on to the floor by my desk. Whew! Its great that he is wanting to move on his own, but it freaked me out a little bit.

I'm hoping tonight we all get a little more rest as we all really need it. Sammy, mom, dad, and all the kiddos. We all have experienced many emotions this week along with a new set of rules and operations.

As for his fur siblings Ivy, Galaxy, and Batman they all are a little jealous he is getting so much attention. HAHA! Ivy (our rescue pit mix) is very unsure of him. She barks and alerts us any time he moves (except last night when he ventured off of course....). Galaxy (our Jack Russell/hunter terrier) just wants to go crazy and see him. She whines a little bit when she sees him, but I really think its just because she wants him. We have kept Ivy and Galaxy separated from him just because of how snappy Sammy has been from the pain and I know once we reunite them all they are going to wanna play and sniff and do allllll the dog things that could potentially be dangerous for him or them right now. They do all get to sleep in the same room, we just have the girls locked up in their kennels. Batman (our mini Chihuahua) just wants to be hand fed like Sammy. Otherwise he has just kept his distance and watched what's going on from afar.

Overall, we are thankful. I swear every time I look at him I find another road burn spot or another bruise. It makes my heart hurt. I'm still so puzzled as to WHY whoever hit him didn't stop to help him. I'm thankful for Laura who happened to see him and stopped. Without her there in the right spot at the right time, our boy very well could have died in one of the deep ditches out here or even been hit again trying to drag himself home. I'm so excited for Sammy to heal up enough to walk over to her home so they can be reunited after this terrible accident. We owe her the world.

And before I end this update and get Sammy ready for bed I also want to thank all of you..... The continued prayers, love, good vibes, and concern for our sweet boy have not gone unnoticed! We appreciate each and every one of you! I have tried my best to keep up with all the comments, messages, and texts but I'm sure some have slipped thru the cracks of this week. I will try to sift through them all again later this coming week.

As of right now all of the generous donations have allowed us to pay off about 1/3 of his vet bill and for that we are sooooo THANKFUL! Every little bit is so very helpful and we can not thank you enough!

Okay, this tired mom is off to Sleepland for a few hours before our first check of the night. Thank you again for loving our Sammy Boy.

Alisha Russell

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Alisha Russell posted a new update:
3 months ago

Update #2

Honestly this update will be difficult to write mainly because I'm just in shock and awe of our Sammy.

We went to check on and visit with Sammy this morning around 10 am. They asked if we could come back in 20-30 minutes and then we could see him as there was a lot going on in the back at the time. We agreed and wandered around Tractor Supply right up the road.

When we returned a vet tech came out with a white bag and started going thru all the discharge information. We had to stop her and ask "Do we get to take him home right now?!" and she said "YES!"

Sammy had done great over night and even ended up eating a little bit of canned chicken this morning! He still hadn't really stood or walked on that back leg, but was showing signs of wanting to pull himself out of the kennel on his own.

After finishing the discharge papers and going over our extensive instructions on getting him healed up we pulled the car right in front of the vet doors so our walk would be short trying to carry our big ol boy.

Much to all of our surprise Sammy not only pulled himself out of the kennel when he seen us, he also walked a little bit! And once he realized he got to come HOME he walked the entire way to the car only stopping once to rest for a second!

WE all were shocked (I tried to get a video but I messed it all up because I was so excited for him!) Daddy even cried when we got him loaded up, because he realized we gave him a fighting chance! Sammy will never understand how much that moment meant to his daddy and I.

Once home we did have to carry him in the house as we have a set of stairs but he walked right to his bed and laid down. (I only got a small video of that as I closed the car doors up as he did this.)

He took a little cat nap as soon as we got home and then ate a few handfuls of dry food and a hotdog from me.

We will get him up and outside after another nap and see if he will walk around and go potty. Until then its just naps, cuddles, food, and healing! We feel so blessed he is still with us. We will continue to update as his healing journey continues. This will be a long road for us all!

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Alisha Russell posted a new update:
3 months ago

Update #1

Hi everyone, Sammy is out of surgery! The vet said he did great being completely under.

While under we requested he be completely shaved down as he still had his winter coat and we didn't want to risk causing more pain to him by brushing it out.

After being shaved down they discovered a large cut on his left leg ( the good leg ) that needed to be cleaned and have a few staples put in.

When removing the broken molar roots they discovered a second molar that also had broken off needing to be removed and a large hole in his lip from the said teeth breaking off/impact of the accident. They are leaving the hole for now, because the risk of infection is too high to stitch it up.

The vet informed us that he does have a lot of bruising all over but barely any swelling on his body, which is great.

Now, the amputated leg. I feel a lot better about going thru with the amputation now that its done. The vet said that leg itself was 10 times bigger than it should have been swelling wise and was VERY bruised and mangled. He would have been in a lot of pain for a long time along with trying to control that swelling, had we fixed the bone.

I'm confident in saying the main impact was probably done to his right hind leg and when he was launched his head probably hit the pavement and busted his teeth and lip. Which also leads me to believe and almost confirming my thoughts as to him trying to chase something off his property and just kept chasing it up the driveway and across the road. Probably being hit by someone on their way to work early that morning.

Unfortunately, we will never actually know what happened, who hit him, or how fast they were going. So instead of dwelling on the unknown, we will be happy and feel incredibly blessed that our boy is still with us. We will let the universe sort out the unknowns. ;)

Sammy has a long road to recovery and we still don't know if he will ever gain sensation to that "good leg" but we are all rooting for him! Good vibes and prayers they can keep his pain managed over night and thru the morning so we can hopefully get him home tomorrow!

THANK YOU for all the donations so far! We love and appreciate you all!

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