Safer Places

From Michael Drewry

I am currently seeking funds to assist in the purchasing of a new 3D imaging Camera that I can use for creating Virtual 3D Blueprints for schools, public places and businesses. It will assist with Emergency Responses.

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I previously worked for a company that would use this technology for insurance claims. After working with the equipment and program for some time, I felt like it could be used for SO much more. 

I’ve also spent time doing Emergency Ready Programs for businesses. This would catalog: Contacts, Exits, Utility Shutoffs, Vital information that would assist Building Owners, Employers/Employees and First Responders.

Having the opportunity to work with the Scanning Equipment, Programs and having served as a Firefighter, I see an advantage of combining all this knowledge into a system that I have already field tested. 

To simplify what can be accomplished with this Safer Space Program

1. A location is scanned and all vital information is added to the scan

2. The link to the scan is shared to the “Primary” of the location and a secondary also has access for “Auxiliary”

3. If an emergency such as a fire, flood or even a treat is present. This scan can be accessed for blueprints (from any device) 

In the case of a fire or threat, this scan be shared directly to Emergency  Services and they can immediately see the property without waiting to arrive on scene. 

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