Artist by Day Heart Patient by Flight

Artist by Day Heart Patient by Flight

From Robin Ford

I have an all-expense paid trip to Japan but due to constant medical expenses, not enough $$$ to do a lot while I'm there.

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I want to preface all of this by saying that this trip is paid for and I am definitely going.

What I'm asking you for is the opportunity to re-earn some of the money I've spent on medical bills in the past few months.  That money was saved, of course, for this trip.  Without it, I'll be spending a lot of time just walking around outside or hanging out in my lodging.

Two things I'd planned to do in Japan but have had to cancel:

1.) Visiting my friends in Osaka.  I used to be an English tutor at a local university.  Most of the people I met, there, were from Osaka.  My flight takes me to Tokyo & leaving will cost me around $250 for travel and lodging.

2.) Disney!  As a former Disney employee, it's very important to me to experience Disney when I can and where I can.  From the very moment I found out I could go to Japan, I've been excited about Tokyo Disney/Sea.  Your donations will guarantee I can make it.

The rest of the money is for covering surprise expenses and making sure I can reasonably protect the art I create in Japan while flying home.  (Possibly by shipping it home from the post office before I leave.)

Going to Japan is a bucket-list thing, for me.  When I lost vision in one eye, last year, I freaked out!  I realized that if I'd lost vision in BOTH eyes, I'd live my life never knowing what the art I studied in college looked like in person.  I'd never see the ocean from an airplane.  I'd never see city lights from Tokyo Tower.  Things I'd always taken for granted as a part of my "distant future" suddenly felt fragile.  I was terrified.

Last year, I came to you guys for help with emergency medical expenses after a stroke.  You've all been so good to me and I've tried to show my gratitude in every way I could, since then.  This year, especially since this is not a life or death situation, I want you to think of this as buying my art because every donor with a donation over $50 will receive a watercolor that I painted in Japan (or a high-quality print of a watercolor that I painted in Japan.)

((After you donate, we'll talk more about exactly how & when you'll receive your artwork.))

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