Run For Justice

Run For Justice

From Siobhan Kenney

Throughout the month of June, I donated $1 per each mile I ran to a variety of nonprofits and fundraisers that are working towards racial justice. Now, I am asking YOU to donate to the cause.

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Run For Justice

It's no longer enough to be not racist. We must actively be anti-racist.

With those words ringing in my ears, I decided to take one small action to support the work already being done by the Black community in the fight for racial justice. 

For the entire month of June, I donated $1 per mile I ran to a variety of nonprofit and fundraisers for a total of $133.97.  The list of organizations below was curated to reflect pressing racial justice issues and the intersection of race and the outdoor community.

Now I'm asking you to help keep this campaign going. Please donate what you can or match my total monthly donations ($133.97). The total amount raised will be split evenly and donated to each of the organizations below. 

I strongly suggest taking a deep dive into the websites below to learn more. The work they do is wide-ranging and covers everything from amplifying Black voices in the outdoor industry to dismantling mass incarceration to providing home-cooked meals to Black trans people. If any of these nonprofits resonate with you, I recommend setting up direct monthly donations through their donation site.

Where I Donated

Day 1 - NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Day 2 - Color of Change

Day 3 - UnCommon Law

Day 4 - The Loveland Foundation

Day 5 - The Louisville Community Bail Fund

Day 6 - Melanin Base Camp

Day 7 - Equal Justice Initiative

Day 8 - The Community Justice Action Fund

Day 9 - Groundswell Fund

Day 10 - Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Day 11 - Fair Fight

Day 12 - The Bail Project

Day 13 - The Marshall Project

Day 14 - The Transgender Law Center

Day 15 - Outdoor Afro

Day 16 - rest day

Day 17 - Girl Trek

Day 18 - The Brennan Center for Justice

Day 19 - rest day

Day 20 - rest day 

Day 21 - rest day

Day 22 - The National Brotherhood of Skiers

Day 23 - Elijah McClain's Family GoFundMe

Day 24 - rest day

Day 25 - A Second U Foundation

Day 26 - rest day

Day 27 - rest day

Day 28 - rest day

Day 29 - The Okra Project

Day 30 - Black Girls Run Foundation

Continuing Anti Racist Work

Racism exists within each and every one of us. We can't help it, it's how our society has structured power and privilege. It will take an ongoing commitment to dismantle racism in America and begin to see change. #blacklivesmatter may not be trending anymore but that doesn't mean that Black lives matter any less in this moment. Please continue to support Black led organizations, educate yourself on the ways racism presents itself in ourselves and our society, register to vote, work towards allyship with a humble dedication, amplify Black voices, and speak up when it would be easier to stay quiet. 

This campaign is intensely personal. I am mixed race, but white passing. My dad is Black, my mom is white. #Runforjustice marks a moment of reckoning with my vast white privilege and a commitment to fight for my family. Silence is violence. Enough.  

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