Run a background check to prevent financial crimes and theft

Run a background check to prevent financial crimes and theft

From Zain Liaquat

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In a world full of scammers and crooks, it is so easy to be fooled into their spider web and taken advantage of.

Doing a proper business background check can protect you from being scammed or left with a mess.

A business license check is a good first step.

Read on to learn how to perform these checks and protect yourself from these dangers.

Performing a license check

Every company in almost every country, state, or city worldwide is required to have a license to open and run their business.

This license is registered with the local government on some level.

When you are doing business with any company or individual claiming to have a business, always ask for or look up their business license.

After seeing the license, you should check to ensure it is valid and correct. 

The process of doing a license check may vary from city to city, state to state, and country to country, so you will have to determine the proper steps you will need to take. 

Most places are similar.

Background checks for all

Just like any other individual who goes to get a job, businesses have their own backgrounds that can be checked and brought up.

A background check on a business will reveal if there have been any legal problems involving it, like fraud or embezzlement.

It will also allow you to see if they have any financial problems — being in debt or bad credit rating.

You will also know if they are involved in a lawsuit, have a bad reputation with the press, or negative customer reviews.

The time to do a background check can range from 2 business days if done properly, but will allow you to fully know who you are about to do business with and provide you with safety.

To do this background check, you will need at least:

        The name and email address of an individual


        The company name and headquarters address for a business

What to do if you run into inconsistencies?

The first thing to do if you find any major issues or inconsistencies is end communication with the individual or business.

Be aware of any business or individual who poses a risk of, or you feel may be involved in illegal activities like fraud, theft, or financial crimes.

Alert the authorities in the area where the license or business is supposed to be out of in this case.

If you see something, say something — for your protection and other people’s.

Just like when you hire an employee, you should always check on any business you decide to do business with.

Doing a business background check will protect you from falling into the hands of thieves and scammers.

Always do a business license check before you do business with any other businesses, and report them to the proper authority if you discover any issues with their license or any information that proves a risk.


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