Ruby and Daddy

Ruby and Daddy

From Deborah J Heck

Funds are needed for Ruby, & dad, James. Years of custody issues, lawyer fees, Covid layoffs, caused crushing financial debt. He is eager to pay the lawyer fees, & provide for Ruby, as she now lives with James!

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As noted, this fund raising page has been started to help James and his 5 year-old daughter, Ruby, recover financially after their almost 6 year emotional and financial struggle with Ruby's mother. Although Ruby is now with James, there continues to be motions to file, court fees to pay, lawyer fees owed, all of which accumulated over the years and remain a significant burden. James and Ruby are fortunate to have friends and family that have been able to help out along the way and, of course, James greatly appreciates their generosity. However, the fees and bills, especially for the lawyer and court fees, have reached the point where he sincerely needs a bit more help financially. The length of this case was never expected to drag on for so long, not even by his lawyer, which has compounded the debt.

The mother has a history of erratic behavior, for example, disappearing with Ruby for days at a time, ignoring Orders of the Court, and following James around town during his time with Ruby until he stopped, she got out of her car and began yelling and making up accusations. All of this in front of Ruby, and all of it recorded for the courts. There were occasions when James would have to try to find his daughter when it was his visitation days, but she wouldn't be at school and mother either would not answer her door or she was not around. The emotional trauma for both James and Ruby was, at times, overwhelming. Mother violated the "no contact" with James hundreds of times, she has four contempts of court, at present, for not complying with the orders for James visitation and for her violations of the no contact orders.  She forged a doctor's letter saying she tested positive for Covid in an attempt to excuse one of her no shows. This was proven false.  She provided false addresses for home and work locations to James, the lawyers, and the court. At this time, her whereabouts are unknown. The mother was arrested and pled guilty to drug dealing and child endangerment. Finally, after this arrest, and the recommendations by DHS, James has been appointed as the fit parent. Mother has not appeared at any meetings concerning custody or her supervised visits and made no effort to contact James.  Instead, she continues to break her daughter's heart by just not showing up to see her. 

James has made every effort to pay the mounting bills, whittling away as best he can. At present he is between formal jobs but continues to work whenever he can find odd jobs. Thankfully, he and Ruby are together, and they are temporarily staying with his Grandmother while he attempts to get out from under this financial burden. His hope is to be able to leave the smaller town of Colorado Springs and move to the Phoenix area. He grew up in AZ and his mom, dad, two brothers, cousins, aunts and uncles all still live there.  He feels certain the move would be immensely beneficial for Ruby as he knows there is work available in the Phx. area, Ruby would be away from the many unpleasant memories inflicted on her by her mother, and they would be near her much loved uncles, grandparents, and family.

Although James continues to receive some help from family and friends, he really can't begin this move without the help and support of generous people like you, who want to help Ruby and her dad establish a secure, loving home of their own. I am a lifelong friend of Ruby's Grandma Julie and I have known James and the family for decades. It has been heartbreaking to have seen James and his family have to deal with the many obstacles to overcome to keep his daughter safe, secure, well, and in his life.

I can only begin to express, not just for myself, but for Ruby, her dad, and all of the family, the eternal gratitude and appreciation of any amount you may be able to contribute. Thank you!

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