Roller Derby Skates & Gear

Roller Derby Skates & Gear

From Margaret Diefenbach

I'm raising money to help with the costs associated with starting derby! I will need new skates and better pads with more cushion. I will be making custom decals/stickers for anyone that donates!

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As many know, roller skating has been incredibly healing for me. I have felt more myself in the past year than I have since I was a child because of skating. It has been the only thing to make major advances in overcoming some of my worst ptsd symptoms. I recently committed to myself that  I would sign up for (socially distant) fresh meat this fall. I really want to be able to train under more skilled and advanced people. I've done a lot on my own, but could really use the structure of practices to improve more. For those unfamiliar with fresh meat, it's basically like having a personal trainer for derby. But instead of it being personal, you get a group of awesome individuals to grow (and suffer) with.

When I decided I wanted to do this, I knew we would be moving to Detroit in March 2021. My husband finally received a full-time job offer after being part-time with the company for almost 3 years. I was prepared to make the commute for practices as they work perfectly in my work schedule. What I wasn't prepared for was the company to tell him to report to work in the new factory...November 2nd. He will be commuting for a bit, but this is going to speed up our need to move and restrict our finances a lot sooner than we thought. 

I will be making this happen whether I raise other funding or not. My goal is about 1/3 of the actual total costs. (hobbies and sports are expensive y'all) I struggle a lot with asking for help with anything, but especially financially. I have some rewards set up for removable and permanent vinyl stickers. I don't have a ton of colors, but you can get any design or phrase you want! Thank you in advance for donating! 

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