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Dear friends and colleagues,

I’m hoping to raise a small sum of money for residents of a Rohingya refugee camp in Hyderabad, India. In 2018 you helped me raise nearly $1400, which went to a number of critical medical expenses, food, tarps for tent roofing, and a borewell for water supply. Please let me know if you'd like a copy of the full report. I'm returning to "Camp #11" this August.

The residents I met suffered great trauma, losing their possessions and loved ones, as they fled from Burma and through Bangladesh to arrive safely in Hyderabad. They have nothing, though they sometimes receive basic food rations and clothing donations. Many work as garbage-pickers and make just enough to survive. Walking around the camp, I saw kids sifting through trash, makeshift homes with roofs and walls made of plastic sheeting, and very minimal electricity. They also live in great fear of deportation, which has devastating consequences.

I’d like to set aside some funds for medical and hospital expenses, as these are among the most urgent needs, and other basic survival expenses like tarps and rice. Babies are born inside the camp under poor conditions; and people have various untreated problems from kidney stones (due to the toxic water they drink) to gunshot wounds. Khalida, the woman in the photo above, has a bullet wound in her chest – from shielding her young son from the Burmese military. She is now suffering from breast cancer.

I am close with a couple of local organizations that volunteer in the camp and I can personally vouch for where these small sums of money go. The Indian rupee is at a record low, and our dollars can do a lot. Please consider an anonymous donation of $5. No more or less, no big loss, and no need to think too much. I will oversee the fund this summer and will report back in September with photos and information. The communities there will love to know that they have our solidarity and moral support.


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