Divorce During COVID is Expensive! Rob's Moving Out (and Both Our Sanity) Fund!

Divorce During COVID is Expensive! Rob's Moving Out (and Both Our Sanity) Fund!

From Larry DeShane

Hey Y'all! I am raising funds to help support and expedite my Ex's new exciting life in their OWN residence! PLUS, save both our sanity, maybe remember we were once friends, and me getting to use MY car when I want!

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For many of you , you know that the last several years have been rough for me. You may have witnessed the stress our relationship has caused on my work, finances and health. I have known and loved this man for 18+ years. He is good guy but our relationship is and has been toxic for so many years. I, like so many, didnt want my partner to hurt so I sucked up so much thinking I could make it work and If i work hard enough at it, he'll be happy too. We all know how that turns out. I want nothing more than for him to be happy and maybe one day be able to have  a friendship again. We officially ended in April of this year after 3 previous attempts on my side to end it. Since the 3 previous dates agreed on  have come and gone I have had to have him papers to vacate. He must leave by Jan 10th. He holds on because he wants it to work out,  finances, and fear of the unknown.  That is all I will say to that. COVID really highlighted how absolutely depressed I had become and that I can not make this relationship work.  I need your help, to help him start a new life and in turn save me. I have given everything and am exhausted  financially mentally and physically. Many will ask why not just let him fend for himself and if he has nothing, so what, that's his responsibility...and it is... but there are extenuating circumstances that make it more difficult for him and I have safety nets he does not have. He is also retaining custody of Spinner, our 10yr old toy poodle. That is all I will say. I am asking for public help because that's what I've come to. Its to help  free both of us. Please. 

Just to answer the obvious, yes, he knows I am doing this. Is he happy about what I am sharing? NO. Has he read the entire thing? NOPE but he will cause it'll be on FB. Isn't the pic, title and initial description kind of snarky and for such a serious subject, YES but I find humor a great way to get attention and stopped me from crying as I wrote the rest. 

Any derogatory remarks about me, my ex or any opinions on our relationship will be deleted immediately and the writer will be blocked regardless  of who you are or thinking you are being in "my corner" Thank you for your help. 

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