RITE Plan: Renewable Grid System

RITE Plan: Renewable Grid System

From The RITE Plan Initiative Corporation

The RITE Plan Renewable Grid System is a way to revitalize impoverished & rural communities. Its overall goal is to strengthen the communities with as many resources as possible for the people within the communities.

The RITE Plan Initiative Corporation

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The RITE Plan Initiative is a nationwide effort to revitalize impoverished and rural communities.  Its overall goal is to strengthen these communities by providing equity in development projects as an additional form of revenue to the new tax base it creates.  The mission is to provide as many resources as possible for the people within the communities it serves.

The plan utilizes government programs and incentives such as Opportunity Zones, Investment Tax Credits, and others that can be duplicated in cities across  the country for a variety of projects. The leading approach that municipalities are leaning towards is a Grid Connected Renewable Energy System, or for short, our Smart City concept.

Our Smart City design, aptly named The RITE Plan Renewable Energy Initiative, brings to a municipality wind, solar, garbage to energy, hydro (if applicable), and a manufacturing facility that produces the respective energy harvesters.  In some cases it can generate upwards of $1M per day in energy. Leading innovations in renewable energy such as solar roadways, solar roofs, and vertical windmills are all built into the plans from the very beginning and the jobs created are transformative.  

With our first city on board we are seeking strategic partnerships through donors, volunteers, sponsors, financiers and investors alike to cover pre-development costs associated with making these opportunities available to communities in desperate need for a new start.  We already have paperwork from major institutions and would love it if you'd join our team help to push this amazing opportunity over the finish line. Thank you for your help!

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