Riding With The Outlaw | Legal & Production Fee Fundraiser

Riding With The Outlaw | Legal & Production Fee Fundraiser

From Matt Reardon

Fighting Governmental Corruption and in particular what I deem to be “Trickle Down Corruption”. 3 corrupt agencies are going to hurl everything they can at me in order to further walk away from their own wrong doings.

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The Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon returns to Oxford, MS after nearly 3 years to investigate, document, and ultimately vindicate himself, while documenting every bit of the journey and obstruction encountered along the way..

Matt Reardon was unlawfully arrested and illegally confined on May 26, 2017 until July 6th, 2017 when he was coerced under extreme stress to plea out to a crime he never committed and couldn’t possibly have committed in order to see and ultimately get his daughter back into his life. To add insult to injury in what seemed like an unreal and unimaginable nightmare, a mandatory part of his involuntary plea involved being banished from the city and county for the term of his probation (5 years), and signing a covenant to not sue the sheriffs dept, the city, the county, any officers involved, any city or county elected official or any city or county employee. They thought they had every angle tied up, one big problem for them, though. Actually two. First, Matt got off of probation at half time, 2.5 years. The second being the county opening the door and giving him every legitimate reason to legally bypass the covenant to not sue when even more corruption started to surface at some of the highest levels including the county and Sheriff’s Department refusing to comply with a public records/freedom of information act request (FOIA) when the sheriffs department admitted in the last batch of documents requested that Deputy Jarrett Bundren had received a mystery phone call on May 24 2017, just two days before Reardon was ambushed on the square in Oxford, MS and arrested by 4 sheriffs investigators including Bundren.

Not long into his discovery phase, he realizes that their is much more involvement in this plot. The FBI and US Attorney’s Office refused to get involved and have refused to look at any evidence. Maybe that is because they played a big part in this scandal even happening in the first place. It became increasingly evident when the FBI completely refused to comply with a public records request (FOIA) to produce an investigative report called a 302 which would have been generated from a sit down meeting Reardon had with two agents on May 25th 2017. Reardon took the advisement of an Assistant US Attorney and sat down with two FBI agents at the local field branch office in Oxford, MS on May 25, 2017. It is during this meeting where Reardon shows proof of a death threat being made on him and further proving Reardon’s innocence in the all out attack on Reardon and his rights the very next day. It is during this meeting that Reardon discusses how he purchased an AR-15 for self defense on May 20th 2017 after receiving "written proof of a death threat made on him  and also discussed how his 1st amendment rights were attacked due to an cheap shot injunction taken out by the soon to be mayor elect and her husband, essentially barring him from addressing city hall on the day of the election (June 6th 2017) which he was already listed on the published agenda for. Since that time the FBI has sat back taking a silent approach and even making reference to the fact that they could not locate the 302 investigative report which would accurately show everything along with any surveillance gathered from that meeting.

In trying to combat “Trickle Down Corruption” which he names as one of the biggest threats to society, Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon bravely continues to get closer and closer to the fire as he finds more and more Government involvement and push back from the same ones that plotted to frame him, silence him, get rid of him, and ultimately destroy his life back in 2017. It's a race against the clock, and he is a man on a mission in an all out war on corruption to reclaim his rights and his life which were brutally destroyed by the careless, selfish, and shockingly corrupt acts of this local Government and the ones who assisted in helping to cover everything up. Reardon is documenting everything and is committed to publishing his findings including every sliver of proof and evidence he gathers along the way in his ongoing series “Riding With The Outlaw” which can be found by going to 


This has modern day David vs Goliath written all over it. A battle of good vs evil, and any help is both needed and greatly appreciated. After all, in the grand scheme it’s everybody’s rights on the line here. If these people are able to get away with this atrocity, there is nothing stopping them from coming after anyone else next that they differ from. That next person could be you! Haven’t we seen with society nowadays the absolute dangers that precedence sets? Look around with all the things that became the new social norm through caving and allowing it to happen one time. Reardon is trying to raise money for production costs and expenses incurred while also preparing for a huge legal battle to attack governmental corruption head on in the courts in order to try to take the head off the snake in trying to stomp this out. The liberal news media refuses to cover any of this as it doesn’t fit their agenda, so please help spread “Riding With The Outlaw” and this fundraiser in order to prove that the will of the people is stronger than that of a corrupt Government and biased news media

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