Ride Away Alzheimer's Bike Build & Event

Ride Away Alzheimer's Bike Build & Event

From Frank De Raffele

In the summer of 2021 I will conduct a Round Trip Cross Country Fundraising Ride for the Alzheimer's Association. This ride will be on a Custom Made Motorcycle built in Honor of My Mom and those affected by Alzheimer's.

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This fundraising for this "Ride Away Alzheimer's" event germinated right after My Mother's Death on November 22nd 2019.  I saw what this disease did to my father, who passed away about 60 days prior to my mother.  I also witnessed the toll it took on my two sisters.  It is a very tough disease to deal with and according to the Alzheimer's Association it is the Direct Caregiver (My Dad) that is most negatively affected by the disease.  

 Once my mom passed I knew I wanted to do something to help the Dementia/Alzheimer's communities.  It was a couple of months ago that the idea of taking a cross- country, round trip ride on a motorcycle would be a great way to create awareness, raise money and help the Alzheimer's Association continue its great work.  

  Building the Custom Bike in My Mom's Honor is about honoring My Mom's family name and heritage. My Mom is Scottish.  I always wanted to get a Kilt made in My Mom's Family (Clan) colors, but it just never happened. I know she would have absolutely LOVED that.  Therefore, I have also decided to get Traditional Highland Garb made that I will wear during the whole trip. Yes, that means I will be a Biker in a Kilt.  The research has been done and the work has begun on making those garments. 

  Then it was decided that by having a bike made in My Mom's Family colors, pattern and cultural look it would create greater interest from the media, the general public and the Alzheimer's Community.  Being the purpose of this "Ride Away Alzheimer's" event is about fundraising and awareness, we need as much exposure as possible.  

  Once the bike is built we I will then be riding to Alzheimer's Association events, facilities with Alzheimer's Patients and Biker Events across the country.  We will welcome groups to ride with us as we go state by state.  

  I am truly looking forward to stopping into facilities with Alzheimer's patients to pay respect and hopefully bring some happiness to their day. 

  This summer will  be our first "Ride Away Alzheimer's" event but not our last.  Although after this year I will not be riding cross-country every year I will be planning an annual ride organizing Biker Groups from across the country to participate. 

  Our goals is to raise $3 Million in the next 5 years.  That is an aggressive and lofty goal, but I know we can do it. 

  When donating for this Bike Build the money will go to both the building of the bike and to the Alzheimer's Association.  This is VERY important to me and I am committed to seeing this through. We are already laying out the trip for this summer and will share it with everyone once we have it finalized. 

  If this is not something you wish to donate to, I fully understand.  Maybe you could just share it with some people you know.   It is estimated that 5.8 Million people currently have Alzheimer's in the USA and that it will grow to 14 Million in the next 40 years. That means that more than 205,000 additional people will fall victims to this horrible disease each year.  Those are Mom & Dads and Grandmas and Grandpas.   That is a rate of over 1% more people each year. Very Scary!   (YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOUR MOM, DAD AND FAMILY.) 

  This summer we are looking to raise over $200,000 for Alzheimer's and Dementia. We can only do it with your help.  Thank you. 

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