Richard had a stroke

Richard had a stroke

From Leslie Arrowood

I'm trying to receive donations to help us get back on our feet after Richard's stroke has really been a long struggle and things are hard right now. We need the money to buy a car and rent a place to live.

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Hello my name is Leslie, Richard and I have been together almost a year and it has probably been the hardest year of both of our lives. He had a stroke back sometime in February of this year and unfortunately he had to quit work and with that said we lost everything we owned starting with our car so we we're left walking and it is very hot in Florida it almost kills him n I both when we have to walk. The heat like this isn't good for anyone much less someone in his condition. I never took my health something serious I struggle with COPD Ive literally been on oxygen at bedtime since I was 24 years old and I'm now 47. So now both of us are not in very good health at all. He finally has filed for disability but that doesn't happen over night it's a slow process. I'm working part-time and it's not enough to get us back on our feet not even close. After losing our car because we fell behind on payment after his stroke we also lost our place to live just because we couldn't afford to continue to pay anything at that point. We literally lost everything we had only to walk away with the clothes we we're wearing sad to say. I would have never believed that our lives could be turned upside down basically over night and everything we have tried has failed us over n over again. Everyone we have turned to for help has turned us away or they just say go to churches or go to a homeless shelter we'll let me tell you about that it doesn't work either they will offer to feed us but nothing more and not every county has a homeless shelter period. We have not found one place that just allows us to stay there no problems either they only except working men or women with kids and some of them will let people in that are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. I have learned alot just the past 4 months that if someone really has lost everything down to only having the clothes they are wearing will not get the help needed as to someone who has lost everything due to a drug addiction will receive all sorts of help to get them back on their feet. We haven't begged for any kinda services or help since this happen we have ASK churches if someone might have a extra car they are no longer needing and we would make them payments for it or if maybe I could do housekeeping around the church or their house for it and pretty fast we have gotten shut down quicker than we can ASK. I'm not sure if this fundraiser will help us get started back on our feet or not we can only hope there are people out here that care and maybe have gone through something similar to what we are so they know it's very hard out here with really nowhere to start and absolutely with nothing to start with. At this point I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel for us because in his condition he can't work he hasn't gotten disability yet so my part-time job is all we have. The bus system around here sucks and cost a dollar a piece Everytime we get on it. Richard has to go through therepy we have missed his appointments so many times because the bus is late or it came through early. Almost every bus stop around here doesn't have a place to sit and it's in the blazing sun. Never in my life and I'm sure in his either have we had our lives torn apart like this and pretty much ignored to the point we are saying give up because so far that is what everyone has said to us that we have went to for help!!! I'm praying things start to brighten up for us the main reason for this fundraiser is a vehicle or to raise the money for one. We can't continue walking in this heat of around 94 or 95 everyday it's not good for his health and really not good for mine because I can't breath in normal conditions much less in this hot weather. A couple weeks ago someone stabbed a old homeless man that was right next to us it's very dangerous out here and that could've been one of us or both. It's always been this bad out here in the world but until you see it happen nobody takes it seriously or anything about it serious. The old man didn't do anything he was laying in his spot the guys ran up to steal his bike and anything else they could get from him sadly this is starting to happen quiet often and I'm sure is only getting worse out here.. we both have never had to go through anything like this before not even close. We have always had a car and a job plus a secure place to live we sure never thought everything would be taken from us with a blink of an eye. I wish there we're alot more shelters for the homeless to help people get back on their feet after something major has happened in their lives because more and more people are suffering out here because they have nowhere or noone to turn to for help to get back on their feet.. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who hates to ask someone for anything because for one they are gonna say NO and try to make up an excuse for the reason they said NO and so that makes it difficult to even ASK or turn to someone else for anything because i most likely know the answer before I ASK. I wish I could help everyone in the world that has ASK me for something and that I could make a difference in people's lives that really needed it so noone ever in this world would ever have to go through what we have and still are 4 months later. It's very scary out here for anyone during the light hours but when it gets dark and we are tired it's ultimately the worst trying to find a place to go to sleep a couple of hours and hope on top of all that it doesn't rain. There has been a couple times the mosquitoes have almost eaten me alive I have had my body covered with bites and they still manage to find somewhere they missed. I'm thankful we both are alive and breathing but really there is nothing good out here or about being out here. Normally nothing bothers me and usually I can and will get through anything but these past 4 or 5 months makes me wonder if we are gonna make it through all this and get out of this situation. I sure hope so because usually everything ends at some point and I know we can do this together. I won't lie down and die now because we have suffered and done without alot of things we have needed we have gone days without eating anything so I keep my head up and I just tell myself someone is out there waiting to help us make a fresh start just be patient because there is light at the end and all the suffering and doing without alot of things that we needed and not having food for days is going to come to an end because we deserve so much better than this and we are gonna get it when it's our turn to receive it. I really believe that from the bottom of my heart. 

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